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  1. looking for old rusted out broken pistols

    Background checks and paperwork are Federal rules. Exception: In Pa. a handgun can be given to a blood family member by a blood family member. Otherwise, all Federal rules/laws apply. We cannot be advocating breaking Federal firearms laws in this forum.
  2. looking for old rusted out broken pistols

    Regardless of the condition or functionality, if the frame is still attatched , no one can just give you one. They are all still Federally regulated and you will still have to do the paperwork and go through a background check. It's not worth the trouble you could be asking for. Unless of...
  3. 🏁 COMPLETED Lower shaft for Vanquish.

    I found one. How do I delete post ?
  4. You’re going to think I’m nuts.

    A mower can 'suck' the plugs up also.
  5. Central Texas Arrowhead

    I'm curious. I see many people call just about anything made of flint with a point on it an "arrow head ". What you are holding in your hand I am cetain would have zero chance of flying were it attatched to an arrow. Well, maybe a few feet before gravity tosses it to the ground. Not to mention...
  6. Lake Meade, how come nobody cares

    Obviously a fisherman got a snag and pulled the plug. Go put it back in.
  7. Back after years!

    Boy did I ever. I lucked into a virgin spot I can walk to and the hits just keep on coming. I don't know how to post pictures here anymore because my camera is my phone .
  8. Tumblers ?

    Mmmm..... I could also tumble my brass in that one.
  9. Anyone watching the new Duck Dynasty crew treasure hunting series?

    DD should be boycotted until he stops disrespection our Nation's flag by wearing it on his head. :angry4:
  10. Metal detecting illegal on Massachusetts state beaches July 1, 2014 !!!!!!!

    " Or the powers that be have lost their minds!!!! " Ya think ?!?!
  11. Tumblers ?

    What tumblers are y'all using ? I'm looking for something to clean up those odd copper or brass digs . ( I really don't care about pat or tina. Just wanna gat the crud off. )
  12. Any body heard of Dr Otek pinpointer?

    Just get the carrot. You'll never look back.
  13. am I the only african American that metal detects?

    I know an " African American " that detects. He's caucasian . Born and raised in Africa then became an American Citizen.
  14. Housing plots ?

    I found a map of my area that details the plots given to Revolutionary War Soldiers in 1786. What office would I go to to find more detail on these plots like house and out building placements ?
  15. Back after years!

    Excuse me Merf. It's CDO. lol
  16. 2nd dilema....

    Yes. Both the coil and a Garrett.
  17. Moved signal

    About a foot away Mike.