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  1. Lost Gold of the Aztecs - Who Watched?

    You hit the nail on the head, my friend. All the guys on these shows have found incredible treasure. It's just that the treasure is on a rectangular piece of paper with odd numbers on them. Many of those numbers are to the left of a strange dot preceded by two zeroes. I don't think we'll ever...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Looking for an Accurate Date

    Looking for an accurate date on this Confederate Reunion medal I dug up a few years back in Columbia. I understand that both sides began having yearly reunions as early as 1866. If we assume Georgia had their first one in 1866, can I assume that this medal was made for an event that took place...
  3. Lost Gold of the Aztecs - Who Watched?

    Thanks! Actually, I do love the history of the west. One of my favorite historical figures is Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce. Another one is the Kid I use for my avatar.
  4. Awesome weekend at our favorite park!

    An SLQ is at the very tippy-top of my wish list. Yours ROCKS!
  5. Curb Strip!

    Technically, I don't think you do. From a public relations perspective, it can't hurt. I'll admit that I usually go early Sats and Suns. A lot of the homes in front of these strips have been converted into Attorneys' offices, etc. There's never anyone with a tie on at those offices that early on...
  6. Curb Strip!

    Those curb strips are great hunting! I started hunting them last year. I've pulled lots of wheats but no silvery... YET. Where there's wheat, there's silver. Nice going!
  7. Newbie shares a conversation with a dectorist and another newbie question.

    I learned early on in my career as a "Historic and Cultural Artifact Recovery Specialist" that I was giving away potentially great hunting sites when I would ask if they thought the area was picked clean. I asked one older gentleman (dirty, rotten, scoundrel) about an area I found researching...
  8. Lost Gold of the Aztecs - Who Watched?

    I love all of those topics but we know the Oak Island Guys or the Aztec gold guy have found something when we read about it long ahead of the episode. 😊
  9. south carolina diggers

    I know it's ten years later, but, I'm down.
  10. Active MD Clubs in Columbia? In SC?

    Most of the posts on this forum are a few years old so I thought I'd start a new thread. Are there any active clubs in Columbia, SC or anywhere else in the state? If not, anyone interested in starting one? Let me know! PD
  11. south carolina diggers

    I'm in Cola. I'd like to hook up with any group that gets out regularly. Hollar back!
  12. First silver for 08.

    Re: First silver for '08. Nice Job ;D
  13. Gotta go on my Favorite Finds List!

    Hah! I knew someone would beat me to my "Driving Miss Daisy" joke. That is so true halfdime... that was the first thing that popped into my head. At any rate, nice finds. Sounds like you had a great time. PD
  14. Kudzu garage

    Lots of great places to hunt around your way. Looks like you're finding them. PD
  15. WOW, What an Awesome Thanksgiving

    :D :o Nice hauls. PD
  16. Covering Ground...My Secret Technique Revealed.

    Interesting... thanks for sharing. Happy Winter Carnival.
  17. Large hoard found in ashes. UPDATE- Site Pics and watch.

    Re: Large hoard found in ashes. UPDATE- Site Pics and more coins. I'm sure you'll let us know when you find those watches. The owners could probably also tip you off to some other great sites.
  18. Finds from yesterday...

    Nice post. Thanks.
  19. Weekend hunt at the Berg with Diggitdoggie. Walker that thinks its a wheatie.

    Re: Weekend hunt at the Berg with Diggitdoggie. Walker that thinks it's a wheatie. Sounds like a great spot. Nice finds!