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  1. More gold and silver from the corn field

    Love that unique ring
  2. Recovering the Cost of a Metal Detector

    I have a Whites Eagle II and it paid for itself the first six months. I was in SOCAL and hit the beaches on the weekends. A few years ago I sold all the gold rings I had lying around and got just over $5000 for them. Lots of these were found with a Fisher pulse induction detector I bought...
  3. Silver Quarter Spill

  4. Returned - Bucketlister!!! First class ring.

    I know what you mean having been harassed for trying to return a ring. Although most folks are thankful and have fun with it, two didn't believe it and harbor a lot of mistrust in strangers.
  5. Ahhhhh , I'm not homeless.

    Pretty nice lady. Way better than the people who throw pennies in front of you to see if you find them...
  6. Big gold nugget bracelet

    Love that bracelet. I've been to Peggy's Cove from a cruise ship stop....nice area.
  7. Help needed to identify strange knife

    Rostfrei translates to rust free
  8. Folks, Please share some of your past finds....the more the merrier.

    Found these while I live in Mission Viejo at various local parks and beaches
  9. I found a relic today that sent chills down my spine! Seriously!

    Might be from a German POW held in the US. German POW's worked on farms through the Eastern Seaboard during WW2. My dad was captured in Italy and spent a few years near and at Ft Gordon GA......where I went to MP school in the early 70's while in the US army. My dad was in the Luftwaffe.
  10. *DIAMONDS* in a white gold bracelet along with a white gold ring.

    Nice find...I used to hit that beach before moving to Oregon.
  11. Got my first silver ring!

    It's a cool one!!
  12. πŸ† HONORABLE MENTION Letter from Ring Return WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a Rosie

    Great story. I've returned four rings, three with not so much as a thank you.
  13. [Coinstar] The First Multi Silver Dime Find of 2018

    Love seeing the Coinstar finds!
  14. πŸ† HONORABLE MENTION More Lake Superior Finds & Wedding Ring Return

    Great story. I have actually been to WAWA a few times over the years. In the 1960's my dad would take us there & I remember one time he bought airplane rides in a float plane. Great country and great wild blueberry picking there.
  15. 2nd Ring found! Also a couple things I need help identifying.

    So, I just revisited my comment and then tried to find Jornada park in Mission Viejo is EL DORADO PARK !! Sorry about that, it's been ten years! Google El Dorado Park and you'll actually find pictures of the hill I'm talking about. It's worth the trip there.
  16. 2nd Ring found! Also a couple things I need help identifying.

    Hey, I used to live in Orange county (Mission Viejo). Find "Jornada Park" and detect the big hill. People come there with ice blocks and slide down..You'll find rings galore. I took over 50 rings from that hill and haven't been back in over 10 live in Oregon. Good luck & let me know...
  17. Smoking Lincoln Cent

    LOL Love that pipe!
  18. πŸ† HONORABLE MENTION Gold Wedding Band Found and Returned!!!!

    That was fun to watch! Fun video. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Seriously

    We share your lack of finds...keep the faith, the finds do come eventually.
  20. I seriously just found this today!!!!!!!

    What a great story!