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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Looking for an Accurate Date

    Looking for an accurate date on this Confederate Reunion medal I dug up a few years back in Columbia. I understand that both sides began having yearly reunions as early as 1866. If we assume Georgia had their first one in 1866, can I assume that this medal was made for an event that took place...
  2. Active MD Clubs in Columbia? In SC?

    Most of the posts on this forum are a few years old so I thought I'd start a new thread. Are there any active clubs in Columbia, SC or anywhere else in the state? If not, anyone interested in starting one? Let me know! PD
  3. Dont Listen to the "Ney Sayers"

    Don't Listen to the "Ney Sayers" Technically, these are finds from this weekend but I didn’t have time to post. I found the Confederate Reunion Medal at a sight that I was assured had been picked over. Same with the Mercury dime. There’s still great stuff to be found in the obvious places...