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  1. Nice chain, what was it for

    Logging chain for smaller trees/firewood.
  2. Tiny bottle

    I believe pepperj is correct. I don't see any seams on this bottle but I do see a small pontil scar with straw marks throughout. A Tooled rolled lip with a collar just above the shoulders. This is an old one, very crude. I agree with his date range, 1850's or earlier.
  3. Maul This

    A fossilized Gold Fish Cracker
  4. Help this is one of many things I have found lately

    Check the dates and town of manufacturing on those coke bottles. A few years back I drove an hour into New Hampshire to a farm where I bought a box of antique bottles out of a barn for 20 bucks, they were never in the ground. One of the bottles was a DEC 25 1923 "Christmas" Coke bottle, but...
  5. Bison Bison Jaw?

    I'd have to yes.
  6. Any idea??

    Spot on Tony
  7. Any idea??

    Great find! Congrats! C.1900 Eagle Clenching Enamel 13 Star Flag Watch Fob
  8. Lead Bottle? Please help identify.

    There's none on Ebay? Well then I guess I'm wrong.
  9. Lead Bottle? Please help identify.

    It's the right size and you found it on church grounds. Swing by a church and ask, they might be able to confirm; members of the clergy are quite savvy when it comes to the history of religious artifacts. Keep in mind, when a person anoints themselves with holy water they only dab their finger...
  10. Lead Bottle? Please help identify.

    What you have there my friend is a very old one of these.....
  11. Dug the old horse farm today

    Maybe off a barn or privy door.
  12. Dug the old horse farm today

    Thought it was a blade at first but the bolts threw me off.
  13. Another heartbreaker

    I hear ya. You think I'd be used to it by now but it hurts just as bad as the first one I ever found.
  14. Another heartbreaker

    A metal slug found 8" down in the sand>:(>:(
  15. Old Flat Button With Thin Anchor

    This is a really cool find. From this info the v shaped stock was French design. The Continental Navy The French Colonial Troops & MarinesThe British Royal Navy – George Washington Inaugural Buttons
  16. ✅ SOLVED "TRADE FIVE" Coin, token, bale seal, or what?

    It's a trade token. Here's a cool catalog to check out Coins - Exonumia - Tokens - Auctions by
  17. Treasure Hunter in Trouble

    I worked in Yellowstone in the summer of 94. Of all the places this moron could've dug he picked this one, he deserves jail time for stupidity. The rangers are literally everywhere in this park. I was cleaning a couple trout in an obscure spot on Yellowstone lake when I looked up and one was...
  18. Bigfoot anyone encounter the creature when detecting

    I live in Rehoboth Ma. inside the southwest corner of the Bridgewater Triangle. This is one of those old New England spooky towns where a lot has been preserved thanks to its historical significance. A few miles down the road is the Freetown State Forest, Anawan Rock, The first public school...
  19. What Drink Is This Pull Tab From?

    every post is a team effort.
  20. I'll Be Taking a Trip to Miami and The Keys In May.. Advice Anyone?

    I detected Miami beach 2 summers ago, the sand is very clean; but I'm used to detecting RI. and Ma. beaches which are much more of a challenge. Between The Clevelander Hotel and the end of the strip is where massive amounts of people layout on the sand. You may have some luck but this area gets...