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  1. Tumblers ?

    What tumblers are y'all using ? I'm looking for something to clean up those odd copper or brass digs . ( I really don't care about pat or tina. Just wanna gat the crud off. )
  2. Housing plots ?

    I found a map of my area that details the plots given to Revolutionary War Soldiers in 1786. What office would I go to to find more detail on these plots like house and out building placements ?
  3. 2nd dilema....

    Here's another one I just can't figure out. I get a good strong signal. Dig the plug to find no signal in the hole. Scan the plug ( from the bottom ) , no signal. Flip the plug over, scan it from the top , no signal. Put the plug back in the hole, scan it and get the signal. ( I'm using a DD...
  4. Moved signal

    Wasn't sure where to post this. I've been detecting going on 30 years and run into these situations regardless of detector brand/model. There's a couple of kinds of signals that I just can't figure out. I'll get into them one at a time in different posts. First one......Solid signal. ( Tones...
  5. 540 issue/question.

    I think I'm having a problem with my 1 month old 540. sometimes when I press the pin point button nothing happens. It just doesn't work. Could I be doing something wrong ? Anyone else experience this ? Also. Regardless of settings, Rusty iron, even small nails ring up in the high 20's and low to...
  6. 540 Sensitivity ?

    When adjusting the sensitivity on the 540 up or down. Does that effect depth up or down ?