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  1. Might qualify for banner find?

    I totally agree!!
  2. Giddy up!

    I found this horse in an old shed and I was wondering if anyone might know anything about it. I have no idea what it’s made of but I’m pretty sure it’s not solid wood. The saddle, ears and reins are mad of leather. I put a quarter on its saddle for reference but it’s about 14” tall and 14” long...
  3. Button ID. Man on horse?

    That it!! Congratulations!!
  4. Me in hospital

    The Lord is keeping you around for a reason. I’m glad you’re feeling better and hope you’re out of there soon my friend. I’ll be sure and say a prayer for you tonight!! Take care and keep us updated on your condition!!
  5. Nice mid 1800's coin spill

    Very nice!!
  6. Most amazing find in 38 years detecting.....and it's GOLD!

    That is amazing!! It could possibly be the best detecting find ever!! Please keep us posted if you find out any more information on it. AMAZING!! Banner vote all day long!!
  7. Chinese copies 1804 dollar 1893 dollar, seated walker Franklin and commem

    I’ve heard that there are people that pay good money for fakes. Has anyone heard about that?
  8. 6 hour desert hunt

    Nice finds. I really like the astronaut!! I work at NASA training them. If you’re not partial to it I would like to buy it!
  9. Oldest silver to date! She may be beat up but she's seated!

    I think she’s beautiful!! Keep them coming!!
  10. Palmetto Gold

    Nice finds especially that button. Congratulations.
  11. Short day & a quick hunt

    Those are some great finds!! Keep them coming.
  12. 🥇 BANNER I just found a $1 gold coin!

    Amazing!! Banner. Banner. Banner!!!
  13. Completely Unsearched Site! LCs, FE Cent, Relics...

    Those are some amazing finds!! Please keep us posted on your future finds!! Great job!!
  14. Ditch Hunting...

    Very nice! You give a new meaning to ditch digger!! Lol
  15. Epic colonial hunt

  16. Have detector, will travel

    Very nice!!
  17. Massive coin spill.

    Very nice. Hope you find more!!
  18. 80-years later

    That’s an awesome story. You are a great person for doing that my friend. Take care and God Bless you!!
  19. Cold day at an old Cavalry site yields an old piece of GOLD!!!!

    Unbelievable!! That is an amazing find!! Keep them coming!! Banner vote all day long!!
  20. Whew! What a day! Gold Rings #3, #4 & #5 One big FAT DADDY at 1.16 OUNCES!

    Those are some great finds!! Good luck on your next hunt be sure and post the photos!!!