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  1. Carry options

    For those that carry concealed while detecting - What concealed carry method/holster do you use. With all the stuff most of use carry (tool bag/trash bag etc...) and the constant up and down, what is working for you.
  2. Help with ID's

    Got a new permission. House footprint circa 1850 with Civ activity. Nothing real old on first outing. Hope someone can help id the copper pointed tube and help date that item and buckle. The tube is about 2 1/2 inches. It's hollow with one end pointed.
  3. Happy traveler

    Hi all, I full time travel in a motorhome with my wife. We are getting ready to start our travels for 2021. We will spend a week in Lafayette, LA and then go East along the Gulf to the Jacksonville, FL area. Then North to Wilmington, NC. We will then go inland to Moore’s Creek National...
  4. ID question for bullet gurus

    Found an older casing and an older cartridge on my hunt today. No value just a curiosity question. They are new to me. Both are pretty beat up. Measurements as best as I can get them due to condition are: casing is .87" tall, .57" wide with the base .64" wide. The cartridge is 1.75" tall...
  5. Rimfire cartridge ID

    Neck: .1935 Body: .2430 Rim: .2855 Length: 1.0625 I didn't have any luck with Google. Any bullet guru's on here today??
  6. Titanium ring today

    It just felt great to get out in cooler weather. It was 107 when we left Arizona. Highs in the 70's here in Laramie. Not much value, but it broke the ring drought!
  7. Texas cent

    Found a penny today that had me scratching my head. It was oversized, with very accurate detail. Didn't think it was play money. Got home and with a little research, I learned something new. It's a Texas Cent. Made by smashing a penny between pieces of leather. It does remarkably little damage...
  8. NW Phoenix

    Anyone interested in putting a hunt together?
  9. Masonic whatzit

    Found in a field with civil war era button and bullets. It has the Masonic square and compass and the letter G. It is marked PAT. 1871 & 1872 Any ideas??
  10. Civil War era token

    Found at 1830's courthouse site. Token dated 1863 Token wording: "Frank Smith Grocery & Liquor Store" "119 Sycamore St, Cincinnati" What is the best resource to research tokens??
  11. Hannibal/New London MO

    Any members detecting in these areas?
  12. Research after the find

    One of the things I enjoy about this hobby is researching interesting finds after the fact. I had a permission on an 1884 house last week. After a couple of hours of hunting and nothing old I was getting discouraged. I was finding modern coins and modern trash at 6-8 inches. Apparently lots of...
  13. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Good deed for the day

    I was volunteering at a local hatchery today when I saw a young mother and kid looking in the grass near the venue I was in. I walked over to make sure everything was OK. Turns out they were looking for her husband's wedding ring. He had lost last fall while playing with their kids, throwing...
  14. Claims question

    I have metal detected for years, looking for coins and relics. I will be in Black Hills of SD this spring and thought I would try some nugget shooting and panning while I'm there. Just starting my research. One question I had is "How do I stay off of other peoples claims while out on public...
  15. Hi South Dakota

    I travel full time with my wife. I have been detecting for more than 30 years. It is my primary hobby in retirement. I detect every chance I get. Whenever possible with people in the areas we travel to. I have met and hunted with some great people this way and made some cool finds. We will be...
  16. Rio Grande Valley, TX

    Anyone in the area?
  17. Rio Grande Valley, TX?

    Anyone in the area want to meet up?
  18. First decent coinstar find

    Finally found something worthwhile in a Coinstar. I look every time I walk by one. I've found a few modern or foreign coins, just nothing worth finding. Coinstar today was kind of stuck in the corner, away form the beaten path. Walked over while wife was checking out. $1.27 in coins with a 1964...
  19. WWI army base find

    Just for fun - no value I found a a metal tube with male threads for a cap. Smaller than a lipstick tube made metal. Looks like it might have been army green at on point. I can read what looks like ?ICKS (Maybe DICKS) over FOUNTAIN PEN DISKS. No luck with google. It was found at a defunct WWI...
  20. Livingston, TX area

    Hi all, I am an avid metal detector. I am retired and fortunate to be able to travel this beautiful country full time with my wife. Whenever I will be in an area for a while, I reach out to local MD’ers and try to put together a hunt or two. I have met some great people this way and...