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  1. 2 barber silvers!

    Took a last minute drive today and got permission on a late 1800s house. The keepers were minimal but man I'm thrilled to get a barber quarter and dime!
  2. First permission in 2 years nets Silver!

    Got out on my first permission in 2 years today. 53 Washington 6 wheats and a junker ring. Felt good to dig some deeper stuff. The 3rd pic is all my silver since getting back into the hobby a few weeks ago
  3. I guess im back!

    Didn't think I'd be able to stay away from this great hobby! So it's been a minute guys, (since September 2020) To be exact. I thought I'd venture off on a different hobby that proved to be not as fulfilling. So what do I do? Hop right back in with all new gear including my new equinox800! This...
  4. The time has come.....

    2012. My 12 year old son got me interested in this amazing hobby from watching a show on national geographic about metal detecting. 3 metal detectors later brought me to this moment. Over the past 8 years I've met a TON of cool people, detected a TON of amazing places and found an...
  5. Nice silver day yesterday πŸ‘

    Dug alot of holes yesterday to get 4 silver, 2 Indians, a buffalo and 17 wheats. Along with a few relics
  6. Killer permission, tied my best silver day ever!

    made a quick last minute decision to dig last evening after dinner. Knocked on one door and spent 2.5 hrs there. Tied my best silver day with 7 total silvers including 2 quarters! (1926 and 1944) Also 23 wheats and a few odds and ends.
  7. Major bucket Lister! (for me at least)

    Hey guys, been a while. Between my daughter's daycare being closed and me primarily door knocking for detecting, my options were limited. Headed out and had a nice day at my corn field. No date largie, 1904 Indian, wheat, decorative thingy, and my first ever TRIME! 1852!😁 Hopefully I'll get out...
  8. A little frozen silver!

    Up at dawn to get in an early morning, frozen hunt with some friends. Lots of walking and swinging but I'm happy I plucked the 1910 barber from the frozen tundra. Also 3 wheats
  9. Great late February day out. SILVER & more!

    Weather was great, i was off, so a door knocking we went! Had a good day if i don't say so myself. 2 indians, a buff, 2 buttons, 18 wheats, and 4 silvers! Thanks for looking and hh!
  10. Had to take advantage of the weather. SILVER!

    The weather was good so I had to get out! Got on a nice permission today, 3 silvers (6 fty) 25 wheats (40 fty), 1897 Indian, and a cool token. Thanks for looking and hh!
  11. A great start to 2020

    About time I got my 2020 detecting season started. 15 wheats, 1903 Indian, 1953 roosie, 1900 barber dime, Sterling ring and a junior sherriff badge. This is the beginning of my 9th year detecting and its still an awesome feeling seeing shiny in the dirt!
  12. 8th detecting season is in the books! 2019 wrap up post

    Better late than never. Finally got my 2019 finds wrapped up. It was a fun year with some great finds. Hard to pick my favorite but finding 5 walkers in one year is insane, plus that way early 1800s militia belt plate was awesome! It was also really fun picking well over 100 tokens from the...
  13. One last hunt for the year. Half cent and silver

    Every year to close out my detecting season I hunt the cornfield I've been hitting for years. This hunt didn't disappoint, no date half cent, shield nickel, couple keys and a 925 ring. Thanks for looking and hh! Look for my year annual 2019 post/video in the coming weeks!
  14. quick permission in the cold today, Silver!

    Had some work to do on the house today in the cold, but what better way to procrastinate then to do a little detecting LOL. 1902 Barber dime and 7 wheats.
  15. Multi silver day with SEATED!

    Got on a few permissions today, 4 more silver including the 1877 seated dime that I blasted with my digger. Also 8 wheats, a buff, Indian and some relics. Decided to make a video since it's been a while. Thanks for looking and hh!
  16. Beautiful day, great finds, silver again!

    Got in a little hunting yesterday since the weather was perfect. Got 2 more silvers (59 fty) 12 wheats and 2 indians along with a buffalo bill ring and a couple of cool relics!
  17. Late day hunt produces SILVER!

    Nice little hunt after the rain, silver #57 for the year, 1880 Indian, and 11 Wheats!
  18. Tied my best silver day EVER!! ( Again, lol)

    Got in a couple nice permissions today and tied my best day ever at 7 total silver for the 2nd time this year including the really nice Sterling watch. Also 17 wheats and a buffalo nickel. I tried like all heck to get just one more silver to get 8 which would've been my best ever but that's ok...
  19. STELLAR PERMISSION! Big silver!!

    Got on a great permission not too far from home today. 1940 Walker, my 5th walker this year, (2) 1906 barber dimes, 1903 barber dime, a Merc, and a silver ring along with 32 wheats, an Indian, and a bunch of cool relics. Thanks for looking and hh!
  20. Tied my best silver day ever!!

    Safe to say I had a great day. Tied my best silver day ever with 7. A buddy got us on an amazing permission that I've been drooling over for 2 years. Permission was revoked when some of the siblings/co-owners of the property had a problem with us digging there. Had an amazing 2 hours though!!!