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  1. Carry options

    Thanks for all the replies. I decided to hip carry in a kydex holster.
  2. Carry options

    I am with you. I would be fine in your world. But until the predators in society also agree, there are places and times I chose to carry. Merry Christmas.
  3. Carry options

    For those that carry concealed while detecting - What concealed carry method/holster do you use. With all the stuff most of use carry (tool bag/trash bag etc...) and the constant up and down, what is working for you.
  4. Help with ID's

    It's not threaded. Think maybe you are right.
  5. Help with ID's

    Got a new permission. House footprint circa 1850 with Civ activity. Nothing real old on first outing. Hope someone can help id the copper pointed tube and help date that item and buckle. The tube is about 2 1/2 inches. It's hollow with one end pointed.
  6. Small park hunt today

    Congrats on the Merc, a little beat up - but silver is silver!
  7. Happy traveler

    Hi all, I full time travel in a motorhome with my wife. We are getting ready to start our travels for 2021. We will spend a week in Lafayette, LA and then go East along the Gulf to the Jacksonville, FL area. Then North to Wilmington, NC. We will then go inland to Moore’s Creek National...
  8. NE NC Hunting Partner needed

    Not sure the CTX3030 is anymore complicated than the Nox 800 in preset modes. The CTX is much more expensive, but also has more ability to tweek.
  9. NW Phoenix

    I like old coins, tokens, relics etc. Not done any gold hunting at all. Wife and I travel full time. When parked in an area for an extended period I reach out to locals and try to put hunts together. Responses are hit and miss. Still, worth the effort. I have met some great folks this way.
  10. NW Phoenix

    I am in Cottonwood, AZ for the next few months. Are you still in the area?
  11. ID question for bullet gurus

    I can't find measurements for the brass casing for the 54 Sharps.
  12. ID question for bullet gurus

    Think I identified both. I believe the small casing is a 50 Rem. Pistol and the larger cartridge is a .50-70 Government.
  13. ID question for bullet gurus

    Found an older casing and an older cartridge on my hunt today. No value just a curiosity question. They are new to me. Both are pretty beat up. Measurements as best as I can get them due to condition are: casing is .87" tall, .57" wide with the base .64" wide. The cartridge is 1.75" tall...
  14. Rimfire cartridge ID

    Thx Charlie P. (NY)
  15. Rimfire cartridge ID

    Neck: .1935 Body: .2430 Rim: .2855 Length: 1.0625 I didn't have any luck with Google. Any bullet guru's on here today??
  16. Civil War saddle shield??

    Nice finds Jimmy! Those street tear outs have be good to you.
  17. Titanium ring today

    It just felt great to get out in cooler weather. It was 107 when we left Arizona. Highs in the 70's here in Laramie. Not much value, but it broke the ring drought!
  18. Texas cent

    I think they call them that because everything is bigger in Texas.
  19. Help figuring out what this is

    Hi Jarod84, Post your question in the "What is it?" section of this forum. You will get more answers. What Is It?
  20. Texas cent

    Found a penny today that had me scratching my head. It was oversized, with very accurate detail. Didn't think it was play money. Got home and with a little research, I learned something new. It's a Texas Cent. Made by smashing a penny between pieces of leather. It does remarkably little damage...