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  1. New Mexico Fort Finds

    Had a very cool trip with CarolinaTom to New Mexico for an 1800s era fort there, hosted by our pals Jimmy and James. Awesome site, though very well hunted over many decades. It's on private land with permission. I found this nice Eagle button, along with a sharps and probably a large canister...
  2. Confederate: NC State Seal Button

    Way to go Tom - that’s an exceptional find!! And the others are icing on top.
  3. Civil war bullet ?

    Here's handy Civil War Bullet guide, nice going!
  4. Civil War Buttons & Poisonous Snakes!

    Didn’t you mean a “gun, chainsaw or a Yankee?”��
  5. Civil War Buttons & Poisonous Snakes!

    Fantastic- great finds and very glad the snakes didn’t get you. Those buttons cleaned up nicely too. Glad you enjoyed the sites.
  6. Good Detectorist Karma Three Ringers

    I’m taking some time at Clearwater Beach for a few days - not detecting since I’m more into the inland historical sites. I see these two guys fully geared up chest deep looking for good stuff so we start to chat when they came out of the water for a break. Turns out they had never found anything...
  7. US Officers Button

    Hey man you have been killin it. Way to go. Those are some nice finds.
  8. Civil War Relics With Bergie!

    Hey man! Great seeing you and awesome finds. You crushed it. Scabbard tip is very cool.
  9. Civil War Finds at Earthworks (South Carolina)

    Thanks. Earthworks are the mounds they built up as protection against incoming men, bullets, etc. Pretty cool to see them still there.
  10. Civil War Finds at Earthworks (South Carolina)

    Had a good day at the site that I found on the old battle map, that has produced many bullets and one 1800s coin in the past. Was supposed to be joined by CarolinaTom, but the weather wasn't great and he decided to stay near home - smart move! He got his first CW button as you probably saw...
  11. Found Men's silver wedding band with name on it-need help trying to locate him.

    Not sure if this has been said but don’t ask anyone “have you lost a wedding ring” or turn it over without absolute verification, meaning they can tell you their wedding date and describe the ring.
  12. My First Confederate Button

    Friggin sweeet! Mojo was on your side because you got something great close to home now with all that gas money and hotel money you saved not goin to SC it will be perfect to treat me to a Low Country boil next time...
  13. Unknown eagle button

    Oops - see above
  14. Unknown eagle button

    Eagle looks a lot like the one on War of 1812 era buttons I’ve found Email Robert at as he has an amazing site with every imaginable button - he will know.
  15. Civil War map comes through again

    The river was overflowing to an area with a drain pipe under a roadway so it was pulling in the extra and spitting it out the other end I tossed some tree limbs in and they came out the other side.
  16. Civil War map comes through again

    Carolina Tom and I liberated about 90 three ringers and musketballs from one site on the old Civil War map, it was very accurate, so I had a lot of hope for this new permission that is on the same map a few miles away showed Confederate soldiers on one side of the river and Union on the other...
  17. Fenn Treasure FOUND!

    This guy Erskine seems brilliant to me. You know there is no treasure to begin with so what do you do? Sue Fenn with the idea that part of finding the treasure is “knowing” that it’s virtual and telling this to Fenn gets you the actual treasure. This puts Fenn in a box (pun intended) as he...
  18. $1mill Fenn riddle treasure found !

    Zero proof this ever existed-still
  19. Scientists Who Metal Detect?

    I found this today in my work resources, so I feel like it's still a find. If anyone in science wants to reply, it could be good coverage for metal detecting and you - doesn't have to be someone from England: For a feature story for a British sciencemagazine, I'm looking to interview scientists...