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  1. Just got in the Bradenton Sarasota area

    Thanks all for your ideas
  2. Just got in the Bradenton Sarasota area

    Hi All I just got in the Bradenton Sarasota area and need some info on what beaches, parks etc to go to or some one to hunt with. I've been hunting for 15 years I will be here for a month so any advice will be greatly be appreciated. PM or post me. Thanks Chuck
  3. What trash do you find the most other than, tabs, caps, foil, screws, nails?

    At playgrounds with wood chips I find the aluminium tags that they put on trees that they cut down and shred.
  4. Here's A Link To The New APEX MANUAL

    Thanks for the link John. Gives you a head start on operations and features.
  5. Anyone ever replace the speaker on the carrot ?

    How do you remove the circuit board assembly from the housing? I have a carrot with a bad led and the pointer works ok. Has anyone ever changed out the led?
  6. No new detector because...

    wife put a new roof on the house,$$$$ Had a new fence installed all the way around the house. $$$$ Next a new air conditioner. $$$ or New wife $$$$$$$ lol!
  7. NEW AT Pro constant falsing. HELP!!!

    I had a problem similar to yours. I had replaced the batteries recently and then after 5 -10 minutes of use it started going crazy/faulting all over the place. Then replaced batteries with new ones and the problem went away. I guess one of the batteries was weak and caused faulting.
  8. Clean sweep coil experiences

    Thanks Mudfoot, I will check out the web for some videos.
  9. Clean sweep coil experiences

    Looking for experiences with the clean sweep coil. Are they easy to use on what surfaces. Do you drag or sweep with it. Will it work on a Mojave? What's a fair price? Thinking about one. Thanks
  10. How many pre-ordered the Garrett Apex

    I did and can't wait.
  11. Help with Garrett carrot, saltwater targets

    I have used the garrett propointer in Brazil beaches in water and holes that fill up with water at shore. What works for me is to stick it in the water or wet sand then turn on in water or wet sand and will pinpoint your target. Also if you go out of the country have a backup pointer. I...
  12. Massive Haul at the Coinstar Today

  13. *Pinpointer Dilemma*

    My choice is the Garrett Pro pointer AT. I had a problem with one in Brazil still covered by warranty called Garrett and the told me to send it to a Garrett dealer in Brazil and they sent me a new one. That was great customer service. I have two of them when I am in Brazil because its nice to...
  14. Anyone from Chicagoland Area?

    I am in Lake county IL. Long Grove area.
  15. Rechargeable batteries

    I have an AT Pro and I use recharge batteries all the time here in Brazil. I have the eneloop/sanyo charger which is 110/220 volts. I get about 12 to 15 outings at 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a time before they go to 1 bar on battery indicator. No problems with the pro or battery performance. I got...
  16. average age of detectorist

    I'm 69 and started 10 years ago, still going strong.
  17. To Veterans

    I am a Vietnam vet and proud of it.. The time was anti war, your drafted, you went and served, when you came back your were a baby killer and a jerk. It was a no win for the us. The only people that considered you a hero was family. No fan fare, no recognition. That was then.
  18. WW 2 Hand Grenade fished while magnet fishing

    Had to post this for all you magnet fisherman. So be careful you never know what's on the end of the line. Taco Bell on E. Silver Springs Blvd. has been evacuated. A man found a hand grenade while magnet fishing in Ocklawaha, put it in his trunk, and drove to Taco Bell prior to calling 911...
  19. I did it - I bought a Mojave!

    You chose a great machine and the best bang for the buck. Nice and light ez to learn. Have fun.