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  1. Interesting Discovery yesterday

    the hole I had found was on Binion branch I think it flows into gimlet area of Grayson lake
  2. Indian Grave Yard

    My mother once told me a story of when they were kids playing on a ridge top where a pile of rocks were, they dug into it and found a blue turquoise stone but it got lost before they made back home, sure make you wonder
  3. Swift and the Waybill

    hay I know those turkey track rocks I've ben to them many times, my wife's family just live on top of the cliff area. I have looked in that area and found several hole that have been drilled in the rocks under the rock houses . and about two hollows down stream on the left there is a mine with...
  4. John Swift Landmarks....

    Curtis has you ever got to go look at this rock
  5. Interesting Discovery yesterday

    I have found some drilled holes in Elliott county under a rock house very similar to these / next rock house below a turkey track rock
  6. Find These and you find the mines

    Could the Carving on the rock be Indian carvings of maybe mountain ??
  7. Find These and you find the mines

    No Its about 1/4 m down stream. Its in a Hollow on the Lt. side in thick laurel, with a water fall at the head
  8. Find These and you find the mines

    Curtis, I seen your picture of the turkey track rock, I know that area been there many times, in that same area there is a mine about half way upon the cliff I have been there also. Just around from the turkey tracks there are several drilled holes in rocks that are under a rock house.