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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need help identifying “buckle/clip/clasp???” please!!

    Good day all. Looking to see if anyone can help me identify this find. It’s driving me crazy with all the things I’m thinking of! I believe it is made of copper and is very intricate. It has 7 pentagon shapes (star looking) with circles inside of them with smaller stars throughout. It also has a...
  2. Help identifying Downeast Maine find!

    Thanks for the thoughts so far everyone as well as the warm welcome to the community! In regards to the question of the gold color being “on top or under” the oxidized areas, it is close, but when I rub my fingernail across it, it gets caught as I am going towards the color on top and is...
  3. Help identifying Downeast Maine find!

    Thanks CreakyDigger! Hope you are getting some detecting done while there!
  4. Help identifying Downeast Maine find!

    Good day all. I am new to the forum and have only been detecting for a few months. I was recently vacationing in a very uninhabited portion of DownEast Maine. Miles of pristine beaches with no recent human activity except for lobstering in the water. Near an old stone quarry on the coast I...