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  1. Nice leather sheath for a Lesche handheld digger......

    Paystreak sells them and they are great well put together. Capitol prospecting sells them in oregon
  2. ⍰. Is any pointer better than the Carrot? ⍰

    I switched from a Garrett Carrot to a MI6 pin-pointer and love it. But if I am on in a competition hunt I use the Garrett Carrot because I can leave in on most f the hunt and there are No delays waiting for theMI8 pin pointer to reset from the head phones to the coil. Most of my hunts are done...
  3. Charging clip failure rate?

    I just had a Detecting Dodads charge clip added to charge the coils on my xp deus and so far it has worked great and Easy to put on. It also displays the power going to the coil as it charges. (very interesting)8-)
  4. When i am Magnet fishing i use

    Sunken vw's or any other car can be a problem. Anything I can not move even with the use of a come along winch
  5. When i am Magnet fishing i use

    I went magnet fishing ( first time) with a 1200 pound pull magnet. Got it stuck under the pier, could not pull it straight off from the angle it was attached. We had to take part of the pier apart to slide the magnet off. ( I think we spent just as much time taking the pier apart, then putting...
  6. Xp deus coils

    I have a D1 and love it. I have many great moments with it. Even thou I may not get the depth of a 11 inch coil the 9x5 separates coins like no other. Going into the field every other detector has gone into lets me pick thru what they missed.
  7. Cherry Barber quarter

    Found some stuff at my circa 1800 home site including a completely slick copper:BangHead: Not a single signal left at the nearby gold coin site but while swinging between the two I found a nice 1915 quarter that I somehow missed in the past Wow that is a Very nice coin for it's age Congrats What...
  8. Xp deus coils

    I have always found my best finds with the smaller coils, that is why I have tried to stay with the smaller coils XP Deus offers.
  9. Xp deus coils

    What would be the advantage of having a lf 9 inch coil, a hf 9x5 elliptical coil and a hf 9 inch round coil ? Could one of these coils do better in one area while another one not do good ?
  10. XP DEUS 2

    Wow this newer XP Deus 2 sounds Great, but I always wait for a while see what people say about it and get the bugs out of it first. My xp deus is working fine for now.
  11. HF vs X35 Coil: Which One Should I Buy?

    I have the HF 9x5 coil and love running it at 14 khz. I have found nice Gold rings and chains with it, so that works for me :)
  12. looking at new detector

    It all depends on what type of hunting you are going to do. Some people like a quicker machine, while others are happy with the older machines. I went with the xp deus and at first i was sorry, but now it is my go to machine. I spent a little time getting used to it, and now I hunt with it anly...
  13. XP Deus 9" HF Elliptical Coil questions

    I got the 9" HF elliptical coil for the xp deus and love it. I set it on the 15 khz and one of the first things I found was a gold ring. I can go into the trashiest areas and find something good in the mess. It separates better than any coil I have found so far. I put it on my machine and have...
  14. My son found a Indian head penny, help, how to clean it/electrolysis

    I put my Indian head penny in olive oil and Left it there for over a month. I took it out and cleaned it with a tooth brush and dish soap. Looks better now.