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  1. Lead button I'd?

  2. 1770s sawmill site

    More 1770s sawmill finds. War of 1812 infantry button Quater 2x dragoons buttons
  3. Two halves In one hunt

    Haven't been out in about 6 months . Have been salvaging old road bricks for my driveway and it takes most of my time lately.have dug about 5000 out of a debris pile finally went to the beach last night and was feeling lucky. I NEVER hunt popular beaches. I pref er old stuff. Was hunting 30...
  4. Never saw this ????

    Brass Social Security card
  5. 2nd seminole war button?

    Found this button at an old river town where there was a fort. US with an eagle and i beleive an olive branch. Found under sidewalk in front of 1870s house. Also found a button with what appears to ne two dragons with a sheild between them....dragoon ? This one was a two piece. One piece says...
  6. .88 oz gold charm on beach

    Out at beach the other night and my buddy pulled this from the sand. 14k nugget on gold plated silver chain
  7. LOL at the garbage pile

    LOL at the garbage pile silver platinum and gold Where to start and not half done with pile.... Pewter to soldires Toy truck (old) Platinum ring 9.5 ftx5ft 48 star flag Suredge no.20 navy fighting knife Tools Old fishing lures in boxes Old fishing reel in box AND BAM! 1 TROY OZ 22K GOLD...
  8. Heading to London

    Anyone know of places to detect between there and stonehenge?
  9. Finally....SCOTLAND!

    Does anyone know of legal places to detect in scotland?...shorelines ? Parks?anything will help.
  10. Hate beaches but they keep producing

    Hunted beach area to death and thought i had it covered...went today and found an eagle claw charm missing its stone and a wwll era nazi honor pin. I know the germans used to come onshore and change into civilian clothes to see american movies. I have another theory how it got there but dont...
  11. 40° on a florida beach

    Was worki:ng 6ft. Of erosion with my ace400 today South of st.Augustine and it was wort the windchill... 1727-1760 Georgivs II half cent looks like old Spanish cross spanish coin?