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  1. Cleaning wheat pennies

    I should have added; soak for a few minutes... and only for those that are spenders, not keepers..
  2. Headphones

    On land and in shallow water (antenna installed) I use the WS6, in the deeper water I use the BH-01's. I have bad hearing loss and find them to work well once I found the best place to locate them on the head/face.
  3. Cleaning wheat pennies

    Soak in vineger and salt, then rinse well
  4. Has Anyone tried the Deus2 in Fresh Water Lakes

    Col Dan; I believe it was you who posted an earlier listing of a program that had heavy changes to the tone breaks; you refered to them as "bins" if I remember right? I loaded this program and found something interesting while trying it on some old playgrounds/tot lots. I was able to detect...
  5. Charging the WS6 Headphones

    The 3-way cable will not work to update anything but the remote control. Must use the single cable for that. The only portion of the 3-way that passes data is the round cannon plug going to the remote control. Not sure why XP did that. Page 38 of the manual also shows the single cable for...
  6. Charging the WS6 Headphones

    I only know that it works fine... Check page 30 of the user manual! Look at the picture carefully; you will see the three way cable; one of the leads ends with the "cannon plug" and the red arrow/line inidcates that it is charge/data - the second end of that red line points to the usb/c type...
  7. Charging the WS6 Headphones

    Don't need an extra charger! I always use a portable lithem battery bank (same as used for cellphones). Charge while driving between search areas, use the 3-way cord with no problems.
  8. Has Anyone tried the Deus2 in Fresh Water Lakes

    Walk in the water, there are not Ticks there... Here in MI hitting the Great Lakes as often as I can. Use the Deus 2 with a large steel scoop with a good stout oak handle as it serves as a staff when fighting the waves of Lake Michigan.. Been doing some experimenting with settings for the fresh...
  9. Video request DEUS II ?

    As posted in another of your postings I would like to see some vid's posted on Fresh Water hunting with the Deus 2.
  10. Water hunting how to video

    I find a lot of Salt Water videos; how about some Fresh Water on the Deus 2 with program suggestions, etc?
  11. what's a good belt for attaching treasure pouch pinpointer etc without going through belt loops?

    Go to an Army Surplus store, look on Ebay, any sites that carry old army surplus and get a Pistol Belt.
  12. Alaska Tours. Advice for a Newbie, Please.

    Go to a Bookstore and buy a book called "Milepost" put out by Northwest Publishing, comes out with a new book every year. Gives info on all routes in and around AK. Travel the trails of the Iditarod, see some of the native villages on the coast, try late Jun/Jul and do some fishing. Tale a...
  13. Electric line interference

    Use the detector to locate the point of interference; raise the coil in the air and turn a circle until you receive the highest signal level, walk towards the direction until you receive max signal in the air (don't touch any wires with coil :) ). You will have located the problem...
  14. How to properly measure bullets.

    You appear to be in Montana, go to any store that sells guns and reloading equipment. They will have the books you are looking for, will show you the proper way to use digital calipers and digital scales (note: most can be changed to weigh either grains or grams on the same scale).
  15. XP Deus II Tricks and Tips

    Unless you are a tester for Deus I don't think that the 2 has been available long enough to have gained the experience needed for true testing/learning. I stll learn on the Deus 1 after having it for about 5 years.
  16. Tick that makes people allergic to red meat is spreading in the US

    One of the reasons I like to stay on the Lake Mi beaches in warn weather.. As well as better scenery : )