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  1. Please help to id

    I'm not a professional - I'm not even sure if the hardness . I'm in Georgia west Georgia - Dallas. Any other info i can provide of asked . If you can help point me into the direction - and also how can I get these things clean??
  2. ?? Any guesses ?

  3. Not a clue do you?

  4. Its the first one i have ever seen

    I tried to make one picture easier to see - any ideas what this is about ? I recognize the Masonic stamped part- that is all.
  5. Bought these as a lot

    CAn someone please enlighten me about these points- I'm not even sure they are authentic . Especially the smaller one I've never seen one like that before. Thank you for any info - I appreciate the help:)
  6. PCB isnt far from where i want to be

    So we are taking a family vacation -- hooray:/-- are there any good places to look for arrowheads near the Panama City area?? Thanks for any ideas in advance:)
  7. The same but different

    Ok I'm super disappointed at the clarity of these pics- still can anyone else see the rarity for this area - northwest ga-
  8. Any ideas?

  9. I love rocks

    I didn't find tho one myself - it has been passed to me from a family member recently - but this is my favorite "rock"- It has been in the family passed down to me from a great great great Great grandmother - it came from in valley in Ohio- it is quarts growing on flint. The pictures don't do...
  10. Im afraid to say nazi

    I'm afraid to say nazi I have a few ww2 relics and am familiar with the history on most- but I'm stumped on this new patch? I'm over 30 years old and thought I knew everything my mother considered dear and kept locked in a safe- family heirlooms, jewelry, silver- but I was beyond stunned when...