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  1. Couple of firsts today!!!

    Got these 2 bells at an early 1800's house site today. House was used until somewhere in early 1900s as 1939 Aerial photo shows just a cellar hole in the field. Landowner told me he filled it in around 1950. Field is a pain to detect. Its switchgrass. Spent a few hours there and found these...
  2. Load of lead

    Found all this in the bank of a creek. Opposite side of creek is the town I live in, no houses on this side. Any of it look older? I'm thinking target shooting across creek.
  3. great variety of finds along creek.

    Found all this on the banks of a large creek in the area. Large cent is toasted. Did get 1831 date off it. The 2 cent is really nice besides the scratch I put in it with my digger. Anyone have any ideas off age on some of the bullets and balls. Area has been settled since around 1780.
  4. Hi everyone

    I am located in Crawford county pa. Anyone else in that area?