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  1. Colonial silver cross

    I found whit excalibur 2, in Acapulco’s shore close to spanish colonial shipwreck ( galeón of Manila)
  2. Colonial medall from MĂ©xico

    Spanish colonial medalla found close to Pachuca whit custom program from p6
  3. ferdin vii

    Today find, after 5 hr of searching and my ciatic problem. Program for silver coin from Calabash digger.
  4. Wow,Carlos y Juana is here.

    I found today this nice one real silver coin of Johanes and Carolus,1560 ac. It was at Acayuca,Hidalgo MĂ©xico. 4 inches of deep. Programe 6, hc. I love my deus 2.
  5. Another 1 real Felipe 2,1600 ac

    I found three day ago this Coin. The Id was 75,deep 6 inches. I didnt believe when I pick up. Programe 5, for a lot of tras. The place is El Durazno,close to Pachuca
  6. Deus 2 is doing good work in Mexico

    I am living in Pachuca,Hidalgo. I found a lot of coins,rings,button,but shines the next finds.
  7. My first 1/2 real cob in Mexico

    My new deus 2 is fantastic
  8. My tarsacci shines in MĂ©xico

    I am living near to Pachuca. I searched in some places and I am showing my December finds. The settings of md is sens. 7,treshold -1, BS out, salt out, disc. 0, mode mix,gb 550 I found two silver coin,1 real, Felipe II,1670. Silver coin,half real, Carlos IIII,1780 aprox. Silver earring,bronce...
  9. One cob more in Mexico

    Add bookmark #1 I found a prehispanic coin (the cupper axe), one silver half real, and other coins. Equinox 800 whit 15 coil and 4x4 program.
  10. My NOX is shining in MĂ©xico

    This day I found 4 macacos and one of Carlos y Juana one point. It was in the same zone that I found the Carlos y Juana two points and 41 cobs un the same hole. Program 4x4
  11. Silver coin, 2 R, Carlos y juana,1550

    These was in Mexico,near pachuca my equinox 800 whit 15 coil shine it let to found a wonderfull coin whit 4x4 program.
  12. Third hunting nox 800

    My hunting was near Pachuca MĂ©xico
  13. Second hunting

    rafaelNew member 13 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 I am from MĂ©xico. I am living near Pachuca. There are in the zone a lot of ancients spanish colonial places. Yesterday whit my equinox 800 I found three 1/4 real coins,one old ring and other items,see,please.
  14. First hunting whit nox 800

    A moment ago Add bookmark #1 I saw a video in yt and took a program whit name : for roman coins. I went to ancient place that I found 41 cobs whit my deus. You can look my 20 items: 2 medalls, one cent copper Coin of Maximiliano imperio mexicano 1865 aprox. One copper coin, 1/8 real...
  15. More of my cobs pictures.

  16. More of my cobs pictures.

    The other side
  17. More pictures of My cobs

    See them,please
  18. 🥇 BANNER 41 cobs

    I found whit my deus,41 cobs in the same holes, I am very happy.
  19. Tarsacci in Acapulco

    Four days of work. The see waves were strongs . The shore was very heavy whit sand. Only few finds. Steel ring. Silver arcángel,270 pesos mexicanos more few foreign coins. Silver bracalet,lesly pendent. tarsacci was going very deep like pulse metal detector but whit excelent Id. The screwcaps...
  20. Tarsacci mdt 8000 in Mexico

    I have used only for relics in Mexico. It is very confident in its id and deeply. See my finds.