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  1. "The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection -2. Continuation of the topic."

    Greetings to all treasure hunters. I sincerely wish everyone a successful hunt in search of relics. For those who are interested in the topic of my first story, I decided to continue, in the form of a short cycle - "questions and answers". (if someone is interested in the topic, you can join a...
  2. Congratulations.

    Friends, Happy New Year everyone! And may your wishes come true in the new year. Let's wish everyone: - Peace, joy, warmth and comfort in every home, health and prosperity. I wish love to everyone and
  3. Quiet hunting.

    Hello treasure hunters! I'm new to this business, but I think a device (handheld detector) that looks for precious metals and gemstones could help standard metal detectors. You probably know this device, it has supersensitive antennas that can determine not only the depth of the treasure, but...
  4. The Lue Map and the Nazi Connection

    Perhaps many have already read about this map. Personally, I once read this story, about 30 years ago, in some edition, now I don't remember which one. I remember that at that time I was interested in this story and I carefully examined the mysterious map with quite understandable interest and a...