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  1. Whits mxt

    Looking to trade for another detector would like a explore se pro but open to about anything. Works perfectly still use it to this day just want something different.
  2. One of my favorites! Dont know if its my most valuable find but nice.

    Iron knuckles I found metal detecting not 5' from a open pocket knife. I did not think it was from civil war period till I found it in a relic identification book.
  3. Early 1800s button

    Early 1800s button from what I have been told no luck finding it in my books or online. Found where I find alot of civil war relies it was 4" deep whites mxt.
  4. ✅ SOLVED Button identification

    I can't find anything online or in books about this button it was found where 7 TX and 9 TN cavalry was positioned any information will be greatly appreciated thanks
  5. Anyone know what this is?

    . . Found this about 1 year ago have any ideas what it could be? The 4 round post will spin.
  6. D guard cs

    This was given to me on Christmas many years ago by my g grandfather he owned a drug store in dover webb and bruton drug and back then if a person didn't have money for there medicine he would trade for what ever people had to get there medicine and that's how he got this.