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  1. We Dig Metal Detectors is a Supporting Vendor! would like to welcome We Dig Metal Detectors as our newest Supporting Vendor! Please take a moment to visit their website at the following URL:
  2. Username Change

  3. New design

    You're probably visiting the site through an old bookmark or link you have saved in your browser. You will need to clear those and create new bookmarks or clear your browser's cache.
  4. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    @aa battery please give us a chance to help! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help change your mind.
  5. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    We are definitely working to bring these features back to the user profiles. We hope to have a solution soon. 🤞
  6. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    @SanMan we would still suggest logging in to view the site because members see a cleaner, more feature-rich experience that we don't offer until you log in. The system should remember you so you really only need to do it once and I think you will like the viewing experience much more once logged in.
  7. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Ah that’s a feature that is available if you upgrade to a Charter Member.
  8. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Looks like they have a ton of reactions! So if someone gets a lot of Likes or reactions to their post the system has fun little promotions that it adds to the account.
  9. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    What's New link at the top of the forum should be the same thing as the old View Unread.
  10. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    This can be adjusted under Preferences when you click on your username at the top right of the forum.
  11. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Who is one or where did you see it? I'm trying to figure this out for you.
  12. Avatar change

    Looks good!
  13. THANK YOU!

    Thank you for understanding! Change is never easy, but as we improve the new software and everyone figures out how to use it, I think most will enjoy the forum more than ever. 🙏
  14. New design

    Unfortunately, the old software was super broken and had security issues since it was no longer a supported software. We put it off as long as we could, but we didn't want to jeopardize the communities security or risk losing everything that this site has become today.
  15. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    I think some of these might just be cached pages in people's browsers and they need to do a hard refresh???
  16. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    I like that a lot! Looks good and is also functional 👍
  17. Welcome to the newly upgraded!

    Awesome work as usual @JohnDroid ! We will get all the bugs worked out over the coming weeks so if you have an issue or see something missing please let us know!
  18. Username Change

    That username is already taken.
  19. Photo Size Issues??

    Unfortunately, we're not going to be able to patch together this forum software much longer. We've tried everything we can do to keep it as is, but technology is advancing beyond what vBulletin can keep up with. Please be patient as we work through these glitches and software issues while we...