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  1. Can anyone point me to the location of Ron Quinn's "Big Find" site?

    I know exactly where he took several of his pictures… pm me we can talk more details. His book, treasure magazine articles, and conversations he has with people differ. Truth among tale tales. I have info no one else has.
  2. More pix These have to mean sumpin

    10 years later that’s what you reply?
  3. Search for Treasure, Franklin Mtns, about 6 Mi. back of Anthony N.M. Goes Bad 1914.

    The Library of Congress contains folk stories of treasure of that area straight from the mouth of early settlers. Feel free to contact me by email if you would like to further discuss. Here’s my folk story for you. There was an elderly gentleman who would grab a coke and go walk East of Antony...
  4. My belief of where a mine is, Your thoughts?

    Think you meant: close to N 33.44346 W 111.37354
  5. Gold Bar

    I was in Asheville last weekend... uh, I don't know what "aquarium" that's located in, further, I've never seen fake bars in aquariums, some of these experts might have a better clue. I've disclosed an info I've run across.
  6. Gold Bar

    Well, if that gold bar could sting and make that Divers' hand numb, it would...cause he clearly missed it. Your point is that even a 37 year old veteran can lose track of his surroundings and get stung/bitten, thanks for the support.
  7. Gold Bar

    That's a theory, here is my theory. They filmed locally as stated on their Facebook page...and the diver missed it because the pressure to find an octopus had him having tunnel vision. Apparently they were seeking an octopus egg nest...according to the Facebook post.
  8. Gold Bar

    Shared the info with a local diver who from the area and might be able to pinpoint the location. He pointed out that there might be a coin shinning right above the "gold bar".
  9. Gold Bar

    it's not a photo it's a video.
  10. Gold Bar

    No it's near Victoria BC.
  11. Gold Bar

    I would assume due to all the crap he has on, not to mention he's focused on the coral. I don't dive but I assume your peripheral vision is reduced with googles... not to mention cameras are meant to draw light,enhance picture quality... IDK. What I do know is I see a straight shine object in a...
  12. Gold Bar

    if I was "against the wind" it might smell fishy to me too, but I'm going to stay true to my name. but nothing fishy here on my behalf... just thought I should share, it might not be a gold bar, but sure looks like it!
  13. Gold Bar

    Just cause I know someone will ask later! there is the link, go to 11:50. If the link doesn't work look up "AMChannel octopus documentary". Location of alleged gold bar is Victoria BC area known as Wayne something... watch the video for further clues...
  14. Gold Bar

    I found a gold bar in the comfort of my living room. While watching a documentary about octopuses they showed a diver looking for a octopus and apparently missing the bar. If you notice from the picture, you'll see the diver shining the light at the corrals and not even looking st the bar. I...
  15. A Secret in El Paso

    Tunnels in sunset heights. Tales from the Morgue: 2007: Mysterious Tunnels Thanks for posting Hal. Believe it it or not, I also ran into this story...and I also noticed the street shape.�� I've read several accounts of tunnels and not the drug smuggling kind.
  16. Arizonas Treasure

    Sounds great, thank you.
  17. Natures Clues

    ACME Mapper 2.1
  18. new show on the dutchman

    That Apache was part of the three or four dot tribe. Who's is to say that those Apache's don't regular this site and combine their hobbies with their work?8-)
  19. Treasure Marks/Signs - Diagnosed Here

    What other rock structures are near by and what do they look like? Neat discovery.
  20. Arizonas Treasure

    I got that picture from gollum's website…yes, I am referring to Ron's story. I do not live near Tucson. I would love to visit the site and have company, be fore-warned that my schedule revolves around uncle sam's wishes. I will PM you. I would like to speak to Ron, that would be great also.