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  1. Waterbury Button with big CV

    I guess this was already answered... Thanks CannonBallGuy! You're pretty awesome! The find was from a home that was built in the early 1800's and had people living in it until the 1950's so its hard to tell when this button may have been lost there. Thanks again.
  2. Waterbury Button with big CV

    So its a central Vermont RR button. Detect America pulled through for me and a member there knew what it was and passed me a link.
  3. Waterbury Button with big CV

    Not a big button guy so I know very little. Found my share of flats over the past several years as well as an Eagle and some decorative buttons. This one has me a little puzzled. Don't think its anything special but would like to find out what the CV stands for. Thanks for looking and any...
  4. Ever have an embarrassing moment in this hobby?

    Some will do this when trying to not tip off someone when a crime is in progress......saw it on Alaskan State Troopers show the other night. Makes sense to me.
  5. Using Minelab Iron mask

    No Minelab users have any input here? Looking for any ideas that may work!
  6. Using Minelab Iron mask

    I recently pulled the moth balls from the Minelab SE Pro and am having trouble with the iron mask. I did a test with a silver half dollar and an old square nail placed on top of it. I was under the impression that iron mask would help to find that silver target under it. I even started off...
  7. 2 days at the dump

    Hey........Nice Moon Beam.....!
  8. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION 14K ring found & returned, good deeds paid off with silver!!

    Wonderful story. I have been hunting a lost class ring from my neighbor in his 70's for quite some time now. No luck and I feel horrible but it has been lost for over 50 years and the yards has had fill dirt in the mean time. Still trying my darndest though. Congrats on helping this feller...
  9. Big ballin after husband found this at the park!!!

    Wish my wife would reward me for bring home nice finds! Heck, I would even take a case of beer! I agree with Jamey though GIVE IT BACK, GIVE IT BACK! Nice find
  10. Newbie first post just getting started in the backyard

    Pretty nice yard you have there. Keep hitting it, and when you are tired of hitting it and think its hunted out...Hit it again! Nice finds!
  11. Drum roll please

    I personally believe that no place is ever hunted out. There always is something masked by big iron somewhere along the way, at least in my opinion. I always seem to make new finds at places I have hunted for many times over for years. Congrats on the drum charm.
  12. poorman15

    I have not done any research on the name. I pretty much tossed the rings in a box for my kids...

    I have not done any research on the name. I pretty much tossed the rings in a box for my kids down the road. I will look into this when I have some extra time which is quite rare most often. I will let you know when I do. Matt
  13. A little different, but interesting and I found it today

    And huge spiders the size of your face!
  14. 2 Hunts...2 Hours...Tooo Rite

    Nice half! Just got my first silver half a few days ago (58 Franklin). Gotta love that feeling when you first see something like that in the hole! Congrats!
  15. Old church IH

    Awesome condition! Congrats!
  16. My first find 2013

    Sweet find, especially for a first! Congrats :icon_thumright:
  17. Best tootsie car Ive found

    Neat find. I think I would keep that one from the trash.
  18. If you won the Lottery, woiuld you still metal detect?

    Depending on the sum of the winnings, I would quit working and take up detecting full time. My wife would have plenty of money to go shopping and stop harping at me about spending all my time digging in the dirt. So yes, I would still detect! I would say 99.99999999 % of the people on this...
  19. Pocket Watch from late 1800s with etchings

    No matter what its made of, its still a really nice find. Congrats!
  20. Found old weathered shotgun.

    The idiot shouldn't have left it leaning against the tree to begin with. If they are lacking attention to detail enough not to realize they are missing something such as a gun, they probably shouldn't be in possession of one in the first place. Serial numbers are more geared for rifled barrels...