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  1. Colonial silver cross

    No, It is silver
  2. Colonial silver cross

  3. Colonial silver cross

    I found whit excalibur 2, in Acapulco’s shore close to spanish colonial shipwreck ( galeón of Manila)
  4. Colonial medall from México

    Spanish colonial medalla found close to Pachuca whit custom program from p6
  5. ferdin vii

    Today find, after 5 hr of searching and my ciatic problem. Program for silver coin from Calabash digger.
  6. Wow,Carlos y Juana is here.

    I found today this nice one real silver coin of Johanes and Carolus,1560 ac. It was at Acayuca,Hidalgo México. 4 inches of deep. Programe 6, hc. I love my deus 2.
  7. Another 1 real Felipe 2,1600 ac

    I found three day ago this Coin. The Id was 75,deep 6 inches. I didnt believe when I pick up. Programe 5, for a lot of tras. The place is El Durazno,close to Pachuca
  8. Deus 2 is doing good work in Mexico

    I am living in Pachuca,Hidalgo. I found a lot of coins,rings,button,but shines the next finds.
  9. rgalan2003

    Muchas gracias por la invitación. Detecto de forma muy controlada debido a problemas de ciática...

    Muchas gracias por la invitación. Detecto de forma muy controlada debido a problemas de ciática por deformación de columna, por ello no salgo lejos
  10. My first 1/2 real cob in Mexico

    I found 41 cobs in the same hole two years ago
  11. My first 1/2 real cob in Mexico

    My new deus 2 is fantastic
  12. My tarsacci shines in México

    I am living near to Pachuca. I searched in some places and I am showing my December finds. The settings of md is sens. 7,treshold -1, BS out, salt out, disc. 0, mode mix,gb 550 I found two silver coin,1 real, Felipe II,1670. Silver coin,half real, Carlos IIII,1780 aprox. Silver earring,bronce...
  13. One cob more in Mexico

    Add bookmark #1 I found a prehispanic coin (the cupper axe), one silver half real, and other coins. Equinox 800 whit 15 coil and 4x4 program.
  14. My NOX is shining in México

    This day I found 4 macacos and one of Carlos y Juana one point. It was in the same zone that I found the Carlos y Juana two points and 41 cobs un the same hole. Program 4x4
  15. Tarsacci mdt 8000 in Mexico

    El tarsacci es mejor y mejor y mejor a medida que empeora él suelos,por agua con sal,arena negra,tierra roja. El nautilus es malo p tierra mineralizada
  16. Tarsacci mdt 8000 in Mexico

    Tengo el nautilus IIB y creo que es más profundo p monedear,pero es mas profundo que el equinox y se identifican mucho mejor las fichas y fierros usando la punta de la bobina
  17. Silver coin, 2 R, Carlos y juana,1550

    Yes It is. Thanks
  18. Silver coin, 2 R, Carlos y juana,1550

    These was in Mexico,near pachuca my equinox 800 whit 15 coil shine it let to found a wonderfull coin whit 4x4 program.