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  1. Tick protection- heads up on Permethrin treated shirt bargain

    Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately Lyme Disease is the least of it,, the new one is incurable and deadly.
  2. F5 and F19 share same coils?

    Thank you all
  3. F5 and F19 share same coils?

    Thanks for the reply. So do they keep their frequency? I have an F2 . Can I use my coils on other models than the F4?
  4. F5 and F19 share same coils?

    I thought they are different frequency so they couldn't have same coil. What's going on?
  5. 🙋 WANTED Fisher F4 metal detector used

    Upgrading my F2 and want to take my coils with me. Reasonably priced used F4 with screw in connectors. Love my F2. Just need ground balance for the 2 times a year I would like to beach hunt.
  6. ✅ SOLVED Bell or candle snuffer? or what?

    I think its in the right direction. Has anyone seen the ringer to bell screwed in, like in this case? Is that to change the tone? Age? Thanks again!
  7. ✅ SOLVED Bell or candle snuffer? or what?

    Thanks Tedyoh, no rust. If a bell whats with the screw hook thingy?
  8. ✅ SOLVED Bell or candle snuffer? or what?

    Bell or candle snuffer, but has a screw hook. Found it on once was an old farm/home. Thanks for looking
  9. Virginia state seal one piece button!!!

    Quick question...Buttons ring up as coins because of shape? Or what do they usually ring up as? Really nice find! :icon_thumleft:
  10. Love those short, successful walks.

    Thunderbolt would be factory race model. Nice finds!
  11. 30 min woods hunt 3 items

    Nice.. cheap detectors work well too. Just as much digging as a "high end" detector if you want to find the good stuff.
  12. could this be fake? it looks too tarnished for 14k

    "gold tone" should be a clear indicator
  13. My batteries have been a little low lately.

    Looks like good stuff to me
  14. 2014 silver bonus IH

    nothing like yard finds! I bet there is more!
  15. In your yard!

    found a mercury dime, few Rosies and an old boy scout button, skeleton key.. back yard is a great place to hunt. I have to start on the front yard.
  16. Anyone else Addicted?

    I am CONSTANTLY looking for more sites.. I am OBSESSED LOL
  17. New spot excitement, mystery coin

    very kewl.. I would hit that spot again