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  1. Nox 600 VDI List

    Hey All, Was curious if anyone has a VDI List for the Equinox 600. I’m specifically looking for VDI numbers for colonial coins and silver. Thanks, Ben
  2. Colonial Home Outbuilding Foundation

    Was wondering if you guys can help me. I volunteer at a colonial home. I help with maintenance and yard work. After talking with some of my other volunteers they told me of an old outbuilding foundation and I checked it out today. It’s a stone foundation that only has 3 sides. Any ideas on what...
  3. My grandfathers Ring

    Hello All, My grandfather lost his pinky ring in this area. If anyone can give me some areas to check in this picture please let me know. It was gold with some diamonds. Thanks, Ben
  4. HMS Hussar

    Anyone know anything about the HMS Hussar which sunk in the East River off of Manhattan during the revolutionary war?
  5. Question about this site.

    Anyone picking anything up on the below.
  6. Need help with a picture.

    Hello All, If you could offer any advice on buried valuables (silver most likely) please let me know. Also, looking for the original home site. Thanks in advance! -Ben
  7. Question for Nox Users

    What would buttons, musket balls, and buckles register as on the number scale?
  8. 2nd Hunt for Me

    Met up with my buddy Joe and hit a park in the area. Ton of targets and still learning my Nox 600. 3 hours of digging all signals gave me a good idea of what is what. Found a total of 5 coins: 1 - 1946 Wheatie (Thought it was 1916), 1 - 1967 Quarter, 1- 1970 Quarter, 1 - 1948 Nickel, 1 - 1997...
  9. Tie Tack?

    Hey All, I picked this up at a thrift store in a mixed box I just bought. Any info is appreciated. I’m not sure if it’s silver or what. Any idea on value is appreciated. Thanks, Ben
  10. First hunt for me

    My first official hunt. Property dates back to the 1700s. The originally house was supposedly burnt down by the revolutionary war. Not sure which side did it. I started at the spot where I was told the original house was but didn’t get a signal. Gridded out the first half of the property and...
  11. HMS Hussar

    I’ve been reading up on this one for awhile and actually met with the guy mentioned in the article. Kind of a bummer if it’s all fake.
  12. My New Equinox 600

    I don’t know where to start. Just setup my system and I’m a bit overwhelmed. Have it setup with Park 2 and I’m trying to learn the different tones on my lawn. I threw down a gold Ring and a silver coin. The tones I get seem like a short a long and a short of that makes sense. Is that what big...
  13. Tie Clip/Pin

    Hello All, I've had this for awhile and it is a family heirloom of sorts. I am not sure what the stone is and what the metal is - silver, white gold, or platinum. No makers marks on it. Looks like from the 20s. Thanks in advance! -Benny
  14. Need advice for hunting new permission...

    Hello All, I was recently giving permission to hunt a very old (1750s) property in my neck of the woods. The property consists of the original home, another cottage from the 1850s, and a barn from the 1850s. I do some work on the property a few times per month as a volunteer and was given...
  15. Best way to hunt points...

    I have a spot near where I grew up. It's a marsh/tidal pool spot that was a known hunting spot for natives. What is the best way to work this place? I never hunted points before. Pretty muddy/rocky shore, not much in the way of sand. Thanks it advance!
  16. New Guy from New York

    Hello All, Been lurking for awhile. My name is Ben and I am relatively new to the game. Have an old Whites SL (I think) that I used in some of the parks in the Bronx where I grew up. Never found much of anything. I just ordered an Equinox 800 yesterday and hope to be out as soon as all this...