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  1. Exclusively decomposed granite excavated for 12 feet deep means what ? I'm not a geologist. Any guesses or facts appreciated.

    Wanted to know if it is natural or not? The picture does no justice as to how much was actually removed. That's just a minuscule amount.
  2. Shadow signs on trees? Has anybody ever found a shadow sign on a tree?

    Because I believe I have found my first shadow sign on a tree. I have found many on rocks but never on a tree before. Not even sure if this can be considered a shadow sign since you can't see it in person, only on the photographs. It is a Christian cross. It's in the upper right hand or possibly...
  3. I'm a new member and former guest mostly a devout student of member sandy1 for many years now.

    Still trying to figure out the different areas of the site. Guess I am late to my own introduction. I finally decided to go public. I am here to learn as much as I can, mostly on Spanish and more specifically, vault treasure after finding a vault myself. My favorite teacher is obviously sandy1