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  1. Fish pics ( everybody )

    No claws on those guys right?
  2. Fish pics ( everybody )

    Looking good guys! Thanks for the support!!!
  3. Terrificon Comic Show At Mohegan Sun Connecticut

    Looks like some good work. Unfortunately I’m tied up this weekend otherwise I’d go.
  4. A Nice Button Saves the Day

    Like I always say. If some of these finds could talk.
  5. Help! What is this?

    No worries LOL
  6. Help! What is this?

    Just giving my opinion since I was looking at a ton of examples last week at the whaling museum on Nantucket Island. Have you ever been there?
  7. Help! What is this?

    Harpoon would have some sort of barbs to keep it “dug in”. Looks like a dagger by looking at the tang.
  8. Great article about the Hoax of Oak Island

    Tourism dollars. Plain and simple.
  9. ✅ SOLVED Are there any War of 1812 experts out there?

    Looks like you have a great spot there! Great job on being persistent.
  10. Fruits of the labour

    Absolutely! Just had my first tomato of he season. Don’t even compare to that store bought crap.
  11. Fish pics ( everybody )

  12. Fish pics ( everybody )

    10.2 lbs Fluke
  13. I don’t know

    Broken bottle neck with the cap still on.
  14. Fruits of the labour

    Nice!!! Nothing like fresh fruits and veggies.
  15. Nox 600 VDI List

    Thanks Bart!
  16. Nox 600 VDI List

    Thank you! The only reason I asked is my new permission doesn’t want me digging every target and messing up their lawns. Better then telling me to get lost I guess LOL.
  17. Nox 600 VDI List

  18. 1731 King George II Halfpenny

    Very nice! If only those coins could talk
  19. Few coins

    Nice finds