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  1. Prehistoric Finds Never Fail

    Hope everyone's doing good today. I just got these beauties looking for shark teeth. If you wanna see the video of my recovery of them, here's the link. It was honestly a beast hunt.
  2. 15,000 Year Old Discovery of Lifetime

    Hey y'all! Been a while since I last posted. Recently I found this fossilized 15,000+ year old Tapirus Veroensis jawbone (Vero Tapir). By far my best find ever. Came straight out of a North Florida creek. Absolutely baller. The restoration process was a nightmare haha Hope you enjoy the pictures...
  3. My best find in 15 years

    Wassup y'all! Saturday me and my dad & brother went looking for fossils in north florida and I found this absolutely gorgeous fossilized dire wolf tooth. My best fossil after 15 years of doing this for sure. This puppy is 1.5"x1.80"!! A true prehistoric monster!!
  4. Hunting fossils with Youtube star

    Hey yall! I went out hunting for fossilized sea urchins with famous youtube star Paleo Cris. Hope you enjoy our hunt :) We found some killer fossilized and crystalized sea biscuits!
  5. HUGE Palladium Ring!!

    Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while cause I haven't done much metal detecting, but today I got a text at 10:03 from a friend who told me his buddy lost his wedding ring last night in the front yard in a water balloon fight with his kids. I promptly drove over to the guy's house and found the...
  6. Found Beautiful Coral Geodes!!

    I went out with Paleo Cris from YouTube and we found some killer fossilized coral geodes in South Georgia. It was so much fun. The riverbed was basically just coral instead of rocks. I’d never seen anything like it.
  7. 1 Hour Fossil Hunt

    Hey guys, I went looking for fossils in central Florida this past Tuesday. I only had an hour to hunt, but boy did it produce! My favorite finds were five chunks of Mastodon tusk and a partial muskrat jaw! I hope you enjoy this look into prehistoric Florida!
  8. Fossil bonanza! Wolf Tooth, Bison Vertebra, & more!

    Hey guys, here's a fossil hunt I did with my Dad. We absolutely crushed it with a fossilized dire wolf tooth, a huge bison vertebra, two extinct Florida camel vertebras, a gorgeous extinct peccary tooth which looked like a pig but more related to horses, some Giant Armadillo armor plates (these...
  9. My first Apple Watch

    This was insane. I was exploring a Florida spring with a good friend and came across both my first Apple Watch and a fossilized raccoon tooth to boot haha Hope you enjoy the hunt!
  10. Found extinct fossils!

    Hey guys! Had a blast on the river with good friends and got some sweet fossils. My favorite was probably the extinct Florida peccary molar on the far left. Also got a shark vertebra (middle fossil), a giant armadillo dermal scute, and a few other odds and ends :hello2::treasurechest::skullflag:
  11. exploring slave canal and indian mound

    My Dad and I went on this super historic canal dug by slaves in the 1850s. We also found an indian mound hidden away on the river. I hope you guys enjoy the hunt!
  12. Mastodon tusk and skull

    Short video today, but had a killer hunt and found some of my favorite fossils XD
  13. Lost Confederate Cemetery

    We went looking for a lost confederate cemetery today in a rainstorm and got so lost haha The crazy thing about Florida is that you can leave the road 100 yards and be lost.
  14. Mega Fossil Trip with Video!

    This was an epic trip. We found at least seven extinct species, including dire wolf!! This was quite honestly my favorite trip ever. Mastodon, giant armadillo, alligator, and so much more. Hope y'all like it! Best, Donney
  15. Found some alligators

    Hey guys, I'm starting a new youtube channel where I'll explore Florida and hunt for fossils and artifacts! Hope you'll join the ride :D
  16. Fossil Teeth ID?

    Hey guys! Found these in the Florida panhandle last week with the wife. Not pictured are a few tapir, couple small mastodon shards, etc. These three have me stumped. Is the first one camel? Tooth #1 Tooth #2 Tooth #3 - Big animal of some kind. I can’t place it though. I’m inclined to think...
  17. Fishing Plummet?

    Hey guys, is this a fishing plummet? It was found at an Indian camp near a river. Seems very like one I found years ago. Only different is my first was a perfect ball on top. This one is perfect on one side, but not the other. I think it could be due to a poor stone choice that prevented that...
  18. My best arrowhead ever!!

    Went out in 32 degree weather and found this bad boy today on a private ranch in North Florida! Absolutely love it. It’s super thin and perfectly translucent.

    Went to an old site from the 1830s today with my uncle. To start off the day, I FOUND MY BEST SPEAR POINT EVER!! You can see directly through the flint with the light using a patch of quartz in the middle. Later my Uncle found his best point ever that had been broken and then reworked on the...
  20. Tooth ID

    Hey guys, what’s this skinny tooth my brother found on the Peace river (FL)? It’s definitely a tooth. I assume some kind of fish?