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  1. ✅ SOLVED Colt dragoon or something else?

    From what I can tell it looks like an 1860 Army model by the shape and size. I've found a couple other CW artifacts in that area. I think maybe a CW veteran lived there.
  2. ✅ SOLVED Colt dragoon or something else?

    The lever lug on the bottom of the barrel was what I was referring to. The barrel is round and exactly 8 inches long. Cleaned the red clay up a little and took a couple more pics.
  3. ✅ SOLVED Colt dragoon or something else?

    No, that is the bottom of the business end of the barrel where the ram rod would have attached. Look up some pictures of a colt dragoon and you will see what I'm referring to.
  4. ✅ SOLVED Colt dragoon or something else?

    Found this at a homesite where I've found lots of 1850's-1870's relics. I've been trying to identify it as much as humanly possible. The only pistols I can find of that era that have the signature piece sticking out of the bottom of the barrel under the sights are the dragoon models. Looks to be...
  5. Ear Pods for the legend

    Look at the Legend bluetooth setting and make sure it is on 1 and not 0 before putting the earbuds in pairing mode. I'm not 100% sure if it is on by default if not connected to the Nokta headphones.
  6. Ear Pods for the legend

    I remember the Aukey brand had very specific pairing instructions to get them into pairing mode. I am just guessing you would have to have both detector and headphones in pairing mode for them to see each other?
  7. Moved signal

    Sometimes the pinpoint function can hit a target off the edge of the coil. That could cause what you describe. If it's an iron object that's been in the ground for a few years and formed a halo, it can give a signal on the edge of the halo and not directly above the iron target. This is easy to...
  8. 540 issue/question.

    Yes, they are the worst. Every detector will do this to some extent. More expensive machines usually have better iron filters but will still get fooled on those darn bent nails.
  9. 540 issue/question.

    The Vanquish machines are bad about falsing/high toning on rusty nails and small iron pieces that have halos. The signal will usually break up if you circle the target.
  10. Ear Pods for the legend

    Used those with my Equinox for a couple of years. Occasionally they would disconnect. Would always reconnect though. Never figured it out. By then the battery was getting weak (4 hours). I used the crap out of them.
  11. 540 Sensitivity ?

    Same here. Only time I max it out is if I'm hunting a clean field. Two from the top seems to be a good medium for most hunting.
  12. 540 Sensitivity ?

    It affects depth to a certain degree, but it also affects how smaller items are detected. Higher sensitivity will pick up deeper/larger targets, but will also amplify smaller/shallower targets at the same time.
  13. Ear Pods for the legend

    Yeah, it uses a different bluetooth setup. I've never seen a wireless earbud setup for the Simplex. They sell a wireless transmitter that fits in a pocket that you could use wired earbuds with.
  14. Ear Pods for the legend

    If you are talking about wireless, just make sure they are aptx low latency. Any ear buds that the Equinox users recommend should work with the Legend since it uses the same bluetooth tech as the Equinox. Just do an internet search for Minelab Equinox aptx-ll earbuds. If you try and use regular...
  15. Rail under Simplex armrest?

    Maybe it was originally for Simplex accessories that never materialized, or was just manufactured that way because the rods were going to be reused for the Legend accessories?. The rail is used for the Legend external battery pack. The battery won't fit the Simplex because the arm cuff is made...
  16. Nox 800 arriving today

    The crusty zinc pennies are the worst. I've seen them from 16-21 depending on how degraded they are. Fresh zinc drops are tighter at 19-20-21. Copper pennies and wheaties are generally 24-25 unless they are deeper. They tend to bounce up to 30 if around 8+ inches. I've seen a wheatie ring up...
  17. Why doesn't XP support Apple?

    You can get Virtualbox for free, and Windows 10 will run without activation. It will never shut down, you just can't change your theme. I run Linux on my home machines and update all my detectors this way.
  18. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help identifying rock

    I can appreciate that. I ran a milk route for 20 years. There are a lot of restaurants I quit eating at after seeing the kitchens.
  19. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help identifying rock

    It is very similar to scoria or basalt, but the vesicles are tiny. Reminds me of the pumice type rocks in gas fireplaces/grills. It's possible it was from the old homesite. It was lived in until the 70's before it was torn down. I've read that extruded type rocks can contain magnesium. Would...
  20. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help identifying rock

    I don't think there was. It was in an open field with very few signals next to a mid 1800's homesite. Has to be regular Dr Pepper