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  1. Sports park still producing !

  2. XP 280 Backpack review

  3. Permission turns into a relic hunt !

    I didn't expect this !!!!
  4. Making your own over the ear WS headphones

    Quick overview of how i made my own !
  5. Echo and I out hitting the park

    Found a couple of heart stoppers !
  6. ORX with 11in X35 another ring pulled !

    Got out with a 11in x35 I bought and hit the sports fields. I’m glad that the VDI numbers don’t change with switching coils “my ORX came with the HF 9 elliptical “ . I wanted a big coil for sweeping the sport fields and beaches when I go. Ran in fast setting , Reactivity 2, 25khz. The big coil...
  7. @calibash

    Calabash I want to pre-face by saying I do agree with everything you say in your videos in the testing that you’re conducting. There is a few thoughts of mine while watching your videos , by the way I’m a subscriber. also the one thing you want to make sure to tell other Detectorists doing test...
  8. Coin fast/deep

    I wonder why they named these programs with “Coin” ? And not just name them deep and fast ? When Xp carried over these programs from the Deus did they set the filters a certain way to hit harder on good targets ? It seems like it to me but not just coins. It seems like these two programs can be...
  9. Made my own detecting shovel DIY

  10. XP ORX on the gold again

    Small spin just doing some testing, tot lot was empty.
  11. XP ORX Ring and Gold

    First few hunts with the ORX
  12. My electric mule when I cant use my ATV

  13. Put together a recirculating sluice at home

  14. WTB XP X35 coil 11 inch

    Looking for a 11 inch round X35 coil for XP
  15. I thought this was a good response from XP

    Looking through XP Facebook page and came across this response. The person who wrote was complaining about the D2 releasing. Heck I’m tickled with my ORX after being on the working end of a ETrac since it released . Author...
  16. ORX Gold find

    Just out getting used to the machine. Hunting near a sports field and pulled a 14k angel pendant "Nice!" Running coin fast and 31k. This is one of tha main reasons i wanted a ORX, Small gold.
  17. CZ owners with build sheets

    Can you guys post what machine and who calibrated it ? Mine CZ-21 2010 build date Calibrated by Lupe
  18. Nor Easter with a little color

    After the storm Siberia beach was the ticket for the day. Not to much down by the water. There was massive cuts and wash outs up top. Hit the wash outs and got rewarded with a little color. 10k with a little ice.
  19. Pulled a smoker ! Fuel the lear

    I pulled this ring a couple weeks ago. I did't post it because i wasn't really hunting. I was testing out a friends machine at my beach "I live close too". Low tide damp mulling around and had a mid tone. Thinking pull tab this comes up :hello2: What can i say ? :dontknow: Would be nice to say i...
  20. First gold for 2011 18k

    Met up with Jim and hit a different beach. Hunting in the surf is different from the bay lol. Had a great time and lots of targets with some tickets. The old good luck token was a neat find. 5 min later i hit a small 750 18k ring. I think i will carry that token with me from now on.