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  1. Interesting variety of finds including my first SC button!

    other neat finds- old champion spark plug. 1919 wheatie Wish every weekend was this good!
  2. Browning Machine Gun Belt and other goodies

    What a surprise
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Browning Machine Gun stamped piece

    Interesting piece stamped BROWNING Machine Gun Belt Model Of 1917 What the heck did I find?
  4. checked off my bucket list...3 cent piece

    Went out for a quick afternoon hunt. I did not expect to pull it out the hole, figured it was another shotgun shell. Crazy how thin they are.
  5. 2 Day Detecting Binge Finds in SC New Years Eve & New Years Day

    I was determined to get out and find some relics on New Years Eve day and New Year's Day. 2 different sites in 2 different counties. My iPhone calculated that I walked 8 miles total. I am exhausted but it was totally worth it!
  6. Ford Model T dash part!

    Spent all day between two sites and found a wide variety of goodies. Found the switch first and thought it was some kind of pipe cut-off valve. Then dug the plate and realized it went to it! Has to be pre 1930s Ford Model T or so
  7. weird ring with 6 points

    I am scratching my head, what the heck is it?
  8. South Carolina Hat Pin?

    New guy here, not sure what all I found but I feel like it is good. Went out last week to get some practice and learn how to operate my Equinox 600. Went to a site I have researched and found what appears to be the top of a South Carolina hat pin? Everything found at the same site within 100 yards.
  9. Newbie from South Carolina

    I just started metal detecting using an equinox 600. I am in the Orangeburg/Bamberg area. No great finds yet but I am determined to find one soon!