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  1. A nice tip from work

    Woo-hoo silver score .... on a 5 dollar stout this was my tip
  2. Beach hunting

    Not any metal detecting today, but beach finds while in Florida today Gulf coast side
  3. Spoon time

    Two spoons that appear to be silver plate one as a hallmark
  4. Second hunt

    spent about a hour in the back today loving new dirt fishing rod . Not pictured is the ole Schultz beer can with a real pull tap. Just a few more areas to search and then to front yard .
  5. New yard

    New detector after the reliable Ace 150 and AT pro where stolen , 5 min quick hunt in my yard in sunny Florida
  6. Cue Jaws theme

    Take a look at this , I love Florida beaches
  7. Road side

    Today's road side finds ...two camera lenses from the 70s ,18k gold necklace , looked the lens up the bigger is well let's says steak dinner for a month in value , the smaller one is a tank full of push water, and the gold will pay my electric bill. Stay safe and happy hunting ya'll
  8. Stolen

    In the process of my move to Florida a former friend now decided to steal my metal detectors and entire gunshop The police would not do anything... so if anyone in the Lebanon county pa area picked up a well used Ace 150 and AT Pro with a head phone issue or any tools for gun making they...
  9. Had to fight

    Fighting the swamp kitties for this eyeball find posted condition 1788 Massachusetts 25 cent piece, no metal detectoring allowed in state park of pinellas county Florida, so far this single coin is my only find down here .
  10. 1992D

    Disregard was a 1999 d. Lack of sleep
  11. Just a little silver

    As the title says , weight is dead on and dia is too an does not stick to a magnet ,1875 s mint dollar ��,,,,, " Found along a roadside washout near Gettysburg Pa this morning eyeball find
  12. Thrift shop finds

    Well 20 clams for 5 lbs of junk jewelry jar, some silver in no gold yet, but two neat necklaces, some watches three working timex, ,swatch watch 1992, citizen watch a real one working , Gucci not sure but I think it might be real not totally sure , think I made out good happy hunting ya'll
  13. Neat charm

    Eye ball find a giraffe charm after the rain last night , tiny little thing
  14. Quickie with the 150

    Quick hunt with the good ole Ace150 , we a wheatie 1940, then some can slaw few nails , and the best find 1864 2 cent'er ,pic coming after the clean up, and other fun stuff happy hunting y'all
  15. More trespassers

    While mowing today , someone has been digging my yard up leaving mangled plugs all over no not a critter , counted 25 or so holes. Who ever it is you do not want me to catch you it will be the last hole you dig
  16. CSA

  17. Yard hunt

    Yard hunt update pics HitHit the yard again in a area of where the canal is being back filled , lots of scrap iron and nails but scored a a 1940 silver Washington and a 1942 Wheatie and crusty dime and arrow head remains , more junk than good stuff but needed the area clean of nails so the...
  18. Silver and cracked

    Eyeball find today , marked sterling stone cracked , but silver is silver ... happy huntin ya'll
  19. about a 2 park hunt

    Met up with Jeff of Pa today , hit the park again we did back in 2013 . still learning the At pro so finds are a bit shy but managed a buck in quarters they rang up as 99 and one cent rang up as 85 , hot wheels car rang in 95, couple a watch batteries the coin sized ones rang in at 78...
  20. 1st At pro hunt

    Got it broke in , small area of the yard approx 20x 30 area all target where at 8 inches plus even the zinker , oldest cent 1952 wheat, and the ultra rare complete pull tab, and solid brass ring not exactly sure what it was for but thinking sword hanger on the scabbard . and the trash was...