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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Please help ID this coin. I think it’s Greek

    Here are some better photos thank you to all especially Red-Coat for your awesome insight i truly appreciate the wisdom this great community offers our metal detecting world. Merry Christmas 🎄
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Please help ID this coin. I think it’s Greek

    Thank you in advance for your help in solving this mystery. My wife found it while helping my in-laws move. cheers
  3. Found a Herd of Buffalo!

    Kudos! Permission door knocks are awesome virgin territory. Keep up the great work and use the house you detected as a reference and reach out to their neighbors or closest farm and your herding skills will improve. Cheers
  4. Nice Eagle and a Pretty Lady

    Great Job!
  5. Early US Naval button found this morning

    Awesome looking find! Congrats . How deep was it?
  6. Never found a Morgan

    Did you find those with one of your beloved Tesoros? I miss that company!
  7. Lots of shell casings and our first class ring!!

    Hard work paid off! Congratulations
  8. Which Stealth 920iX Hybrid configuration do you have ?

    Just curious which configuration do you like best. My main question is 1/4? Hole or 1/8? slot Cheers
  9. Rings I found this year 2020

    A photo like your image in the first frame of your video! CHEERS
  10. Winter Stubble + Sewage Site - Day 2 - Stunning ROMAN SILVER...

    You guys get all the old stuff! great job and thanx for sharing g
  11. Dave Blankenship

    Dan Dave Dave is the topic of this thread Cheers WaterScoop
  12. Coin Purse

    What an amazing find. I am a huge history buff of Americana. I absolutely love your recent find. Here is a little research from your ticket stub. Willow Grove Park was an amusement park located in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania (the part which is in Abington Township), United States, that...
  13. LIDAR website is up and running!

    Here is an excellent tool that is FREE Cheers
  14. Coolest Bridle Rosette I've Dug So Far...

    Stunning! Thanx for sharing.
  15. Is Liberty Dead?

    Your post is out of community guidelines. Take your comments over to the Political part of our forum. I try to come here to avoid having to listen to political commentators. God knows we get enough of it everywhere else. Cheers
  16. Is Liberty Dead?

    Here is a quick visualization of caliper vs hole size. Entry vs. Exit.. I would venture to say it was at minimum 357