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  1. GS 6000 metal detector

  2. JFK and Lucky Buddha coin.....with friends.

    Love the heel plate, I’ve yet to find one. Congrats
  3. 1853 US Trime Silver Three Cent Piece

    Great work, they are tough to find. I’ve got 3 and each time I dig one I ask myself, “How the hell dis I find that little thing?” Congrats
  4. Finds from a 1835 home

    I was wondering the same thing, where are the coins! Good luck
  5. Silver coin

    Fairly certain you have a lead bale seal there. The inscriptions can denote the origin of the goods that are baled and may even provide taxation info depending on how old the seal is. Bale seals were used for many things such as tobacco, salt, or even cloth. Seals found in North America are...
  6. Sterling Salt Shaker!!!! Wow! Another First!!!

    Incredible finds, nice work on the cleaning.
  7. Two of my detecting buddies made me do this......

    Amen. Just something fulfilling about unearthing a 200 year old coin or relic from the ground and thinking about who lost it.
  8. 🥇 BANNER 1804 Dollar......No jokin' About This Token!!!

    Wow! Can’t imagine what you were thinking when you saw that silver in the dirt. Congrats
  9. Counterstamped Capped Bust Silver from the beach

    That’s an incredible coin to see on the beach, nice job.
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Pennsylvania Cannonball?

    Interesting. I was thinking British since it seems, from what I’ve been reading, that they made exact weight and diameter balls.
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Pennsylvania Cannonball?

    So I finally ran in to a friend of mine who used a pair of calipers and confirmed the 4 inch diameter, however, he said that the 8 lb weight was inaccurate. The actual weight for this ball is 9 lbs.
  12. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Pennsylvania Cannonball?

    Will do. Give me some time and I will get more precise weight and measurements. Thank you.
  13. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Pennsylvania Cannonball?

    Being new to this site, I’ve been really enjoying seeing what everyone is digging and the stories behind the finds. I’m not going to be that guy that posts old finds to try to get you to think they were “Today’s Finds,” lol, but I do have something that I found in the Fall that I’d like to get...
  14. 1864 2-Cent Piece - First one I ever found

    For some reason that is the one US coin I cannot seem to find. Nice job.
  15. Here's a group shot of some of the stuff I found in England.

    Looks like a great time! Would love to take a trip like that with a few people. Metal detecting, camaraderie, great finds, stories, and plenty of pubs!
  16. Pulled the oldest coin ive found so far and its an odd one!

    Found a similar coin a few years ago. There is some interesting history about Haitian slaves if you’re ever bored and looking for something to read about. I found this 1854 Haitian Centime in a 1800’s farm field. Yours is the only other one I’ve seen found. Congrats.
  17. US Belt Plate, Silver Thimble, Coins & Relics

    Great stuff. I found one of those railroad buttons a couple weeks ago.
  18. Button Kinda Day

    Trying to hit some spots in the woods before they get choked off by the Spring growth. Got lucky with some buttons today and a thimble that was actually in perfect shape. I always seem to find the crushed ones. I knew I was in a good spot when I saw that piece of pottery. Thanks for lookin!