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  1. F/S Anfibio 19

    Have a like new closet queen back up detector I would like to sell cones with wireless headphones and all accessories that came with the machine. Asking 375 plus shipping Will post pics soon or can send them to you.
  2. Wanted quest pro charging cord

    I am in need of a charging c o.j ed for my quest pro anyone can help me out.
  3. Wanted AT Pro Dust Cover

    I am in need of a dust cover for my at pro or a 3 piece set if anyone has one laying around.
  4. Wanted Garrett AT headphone adapter

    If anyone has a extra one laying around used is fine also.
  5. WANTED 7" Multi kruzer/Amfibio coil

    Looking for a 7 inch concentric coil for makro kruzer or anfibo for reasonable price.
  6. Any help to locate post on mods for exp 2

    My buddy told me there was a post on how to mod the explorer here to make it lighter would anyone know if it can be located....Thanks Sal
  7. Tejon vs 1266 x

    Has anyone had both these units and tested them against each other....