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  1. Cannot Post a Photo

    I have tried the Attach files and it says 100% then when I try and click Save a message pops up and says still downloading for 10 minutes. File size is 135K - is this too big? Also have tried inserting image button and that wont work either.... Any help?
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Brass Fitting for What?

    Searched around an old spring house foundation on a neighbor's farm today and dug up this brass fitting. At first I thought it was an old single bulb light fixture - same size and shape but after removing the dirt saw it was not. The small center diameter is threaded for about a half inch pipe...
  3. First hunt ever

    I'm new to the hobby. My Equinox 800 was delivered this week and I spent a day familiarizing myself with the operations. Watched a video from Sod Busters Metal Detecting to get the basics down. Saturday was a beautiful day here in Ohio and the frost was out of the ground so I set out (in my...
  4. New from NE Ohio

    Good morning. I live in the Dover/New Philadelphia area of Tuscarawas County in Ohio. I have always been a local history buff and have decided to try doing some detecting. Been researching detectors and think I am going to get a Minelab Equinox 800 for my first detector. There are a lot of...