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  1. Silver is still out there

    Great, great find and the temptation to open them is definitely understandable but as a frequent purchaser of Original Bank Wrapped (OBW) rolls of all denominations if you left them unopened they would have brought at least $500 EACH on EBay......but once they are opened you are just left with...
  2. Old Washington headed Qtr.

    Looks like a very dirty Delaware quarter to me......
  3. Oldest US silver to date

    The dime in my avatar gave me my only Banner......and there is no reason this half dime shouldn't do the same for you!!......huge congrats, I really do know the feeling!! HH all! Greg
  4. 2022P Quarter error coin found today.

    That looks like a very nice strike-through error!! it.....really nice find!! HH all! Greg
  5. 1870 Indian Head Shallow N?

    Beautiful Indian!!!!......I would paint my house patina green if my wife would let me, lol......but it's not the shallow N is an example......still, wonderful coin, congrats!!! HH all! Greg
  6. Think it's a 1795 liberty cap

    it's absolutely a 1794, beautiful and congrats!!!......I just mentioned on a different thread that I have found over 200 Large Cents/Colonials but I have never found a Liberty Capped anything.......still snow here in The Berkshires but I'll be trying again soon....again, great find! HH all! Greg
  7. 1800’s Copper coins/buttons, stagecoach rest area, hose fittings 🤷🏻‍♂️ few

    Great finds, just the kinds of places I like to hunt!.....The last coin in your row of 4 appears to be a Liberty Capped large Cent, 1793-1796.....I have found over 200 Large Cents, never found a Liberty Capped :icon_scratch:......very, very nice hunt, congrats! HH all! Greg
  8. Is this what they call a 1937 three legged nickle ?

    The only 1937 3-legged nickel was struck in Denver, your coin is minted in Philly so this obviously cannot be a 3 legged buffalo nickel...... Greg
  9. Twenty Dollar Bill with seven 7s in the Serial Number

    I think you may have meant to post this one Don......apparently different price ranges for 7 of a kind vs. 7 in a row......I am surprised the 7 in a row is worth less than 7 of a kind based on the reading and a great $20 bill either way! Greg Seven-in-a-row Odds of finding...
  10. 1806 Heraldic Eagle Draped Bust 25 C

    Welcome to the Draped Bust Silver club!!!......what a find and I am just drooling over the greenish gray patina that only a 200+ year old silver coin can bring......enjoy it, stare at it, drool on it may never happen again! HH all! Greg
  11. 1992-D Dime what kind of error?

    Really awesome die break and clearly soon to be a fatal break shortly after this coin was struck!!......really great find and just too bad it circulated for 29 years before you spotted it!....congrats!! HH all! Greg
  12. A few I've found: W, '42 P, and more

    The above is not accurate. Confusion over whether eBay was eliminating sales of coins and other numismatic items for sale at its online selling platform is cleared up by company officials. Steve Halupka, eBay’s manager for emerging verticals, which includes bullion, coins, sports memorabilia...
  13. Draped Bust -Key date?!?

    Great find, congrats!.....I think your initial thoughts were correct, 1802.....that's not the way the 9's should look......surface pitting will definitely play tricks on your eyes! HH all! Greg
  14. Toasted walking liberty silver quarter

    Really excellent result and congrats on your first one, my all-time favorite design!.....and yes, that detail around the rim on the obverse is the very first thing to wear down so that coin was indeed lost when it was fairly new, before 1935, IMO.....and it's a 1929-S but I'm sure you expected...
  15. Every one LOVES Standing Liberty Quarters here are Mine

    Wonderful quarters, by far my favorite!!……….I have 11, 7 with a date with the nicest being a 1918-S graded AU-50, Environmental Damage...…..Your '16 is just incredible!!!..... HH all! Greg
  16. Immy's Casino Royale

    Really enjoy your posts and you have the same long-term record keeping habits like I stats! Keep up the great work! HH all!! Greg
  17. Opine on a GOLD 1861S Half Eagle??

    What "position" are you in? have a picture of a coin and we graded it for you......nobody ever asked you for GPS numbers nor do we want them....You are on a metal detecting web-site….we are treasure hunters, we like stories like "found outside an old saloon or found on a dusty old...
  18. Tanner trades silver for GOLDen experiance (with pics)

    ok, that's just AWESOME!!!!…..years of creating memories amongst yourselves and then taking the profits of those memories to make even more memories.....That's living a rich life....congrats to you both!! HH all! Greg
  19. Opine on a GOLD 1861S Half Eagle??

    You really can't scold or fault us for asking lots of when/why/how questions and then say you really just want to stick to a grading discussion when you are baiting us with mystical comments like "Once you dig one coin of significance, you are extremely careful about the next good signal ...
  20. Early Standing Liberty Quarter

    Nice coin, one of my absolute favorite finds!!!.....well, you can get a tighter date range than 1917-1930.....It is definitely between 1917 and 1924....The recessed date (implemented to combat this very problem) started in 1925 but this is not a recessed date.....again, great find, congrats! HH...