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  1. What in the world is this?

    Check ball.
  2. National forest closed.

    Thanks for that , I was unaware . Never the less , we went into one of our claims to gather up things from our sluicing operation . It is in the N.F. closure ( monumnent fire, missed our claim by about 1/8 mile. Big new dozer line there on a claim now also . ) We drove through and passed a...
  3. Underwater Gold Sluice

    I contemplated just that . Then I went to gravity sluicing into an above water sluice ......BUT .... I could see incorporating both together. There might be advantages to it .......I just have not proven it .... yet ; ) I just hate hand shoveling . I like using water flow to accomplish both...
  4. Hoser John .

    So I was going through a couple of bins of misc. parts that I got from Hoser John . In the bottom of one I found about a cup full of black sand and leaves and dust and dirt . I thought to myself .... might as well pan it out . Glad I did. It kind of got my springtime juices flowing ; )
  5. Hoser John .

    A friend and I purchased 2 claims from John a while ago . Over the weekend we bought some mining equipment from him . John really is a legend in this addiction that we all have, which is gold mining . Many here probably know him . I have learned from him in person and by searching some of his...
  6. Greenhorn Pan!

    It looks like you are close to a main vein based upon the gold's appearance ! Not super smooth .......... Just a thought ................ I would love for you to find the source......
  7. What happened to Hoser John?

    I purchased a couple of claims from John a couple of months ago . Without getting too personal here ..... He is struggling some from some physical ailments but was in good spirits generally . He sure LOVES mining : ) I gained some great info from him for sure .
  8. Disappearance of 'Gold Rush' producer Terrence Woods gets renewed attention

    Sounds kinda squatchy to me .......
  9. CWRB Suction Dredge Permit video meeting !! Tomorrow !!!

    This is live as I write . If you are not viewing , you are missing some good stuff .
  10. CWRB Suction Dredge Permit video meeting !! Tomorrow !!!

    I hope that you will be there ! I will !! ALSO SEE THE LINK TO THE UPDATE BELOW THIS COPY AND PASTE . ITS AN UPDATE FOR THE MEETING INFORMATION. This is a message from the State Water Resources Control Board. Dear Interested Parties, This email serves as a reminder that the August 5, 2020...
  11. Not my find. Big gold found in Sonora!

    I think I would have soiled my britches !!
  12. Keyesville

    I used to live just upriver from Kernville...… I have seen some ok reports of digging and sluiceing where the kern river dumps into Lake Isabella from locals . Its right near the location of Old WhiskeyFlat township exsists . Be prepared for fine gold . That is all that I know . I grew up...
  13. Petition Denied - OR case

    This is not the America that so many have fought and died for...…………. : /
  14. Gold

    Clean those bedrock cracks and show us !! That was a great start . Im in Nor Cal too. Doing my own thing …. trinity co. I love to see the things you are finding . I have arrow heads …. oh and a lil bit of gold too ; ) My friend metal detected an apparent old Chinese gold mining camp...
  15. Pulley sizes for a DIY Hookah .

    Good point . Using the pulley calculator , I think I will choose to run a 4 inch motor pulley . This will give me an 1150 RPM compressor RPM . NOT running max rpm makes good sense .
  16. Pulley sizes for a DIY Hookah .

    Thank you for that . It will come in handy !
  17. How to break rocks underwater

    Im generally not a huge fan of Harbor Freight stuff but the name brand "Porta Power" tools get pricey...
  18. Pulley sizes for a DIY Hookah .

    After just a LITTLE BIT of chin scratching......I may have answered my own question . I realized that the motor has 1750 rpm........the T80 wants 1800 . ..... so a one to one ratio pulley system ( 6" on both ) should work fine. Guess Im a fart smeller too ?? So I guess what I'm sayin' …… I...
  19. Pulley sizes for a DIY Hookah .

    I am planning on putting together an electric driven Hookah breathing air system . I have a Standard T-80 compressor off of a Keene 4" . I have a 1-1/2 H.P. electric motor that I want to couple it to . The the engine on the Keene 4" ran at a rated 3600 RPMS The Electric motor that I have...
  20. Just got this email from the C. Water Resources Board !!

    Lets just cut through the crap and Get Gold . ….. I will. And Am . Legally ; ) So Be It . Wiggler .