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  1. Dug the old horse farm today

    Thought it was a blade at first but the bolts threw me off.
  2. Another heartbreaker

    A metal slug found 8" down in the sand>:(>:(
  3. Small Marble Head Depicting a Roman Soldier

    Beach find from years ago. Detector picked up the brass fitting inserted into the base which I believe is a crude modern day attempt at a repair. None of my finds over the past 20 years has intrigued me as much. Enjoy
  4. Looks like part of a shackle but not sure

    check it out, maybe a piece of prison shackles? what do you guys think?
  5. Winter In New England

    And off my balcony. One of these is over 7 feet long!!!!
  6. Plucked a nice old insulator today ( New Pics )

    Embossed " W. BROOKFIELD 45 CLIFF ST. N.Y. on one side. On the other it reads JAN. 25TH 1870 This is a real early one. The only problem I have with these is figuring out the color. Any ideas ? Mike
  7. Coinstar Find !!!!

    I was dumping my change in the coinstar machine the other day. When I was finished I reached in to grab the change that the machine did not accept and this was mixed in with it. I believe it's German but I am not sure. Anyone know. Thanks, Mike
  8. could anyone tell me ?

    What is the correct way to measure a coin or medallion to determine it's size ?
  9. Any military medal experts around ?

    Not a metal detector find but I did acquire it from a family members estate. Seems to be Italian but I am not sure?
  10. Beach find, could this be real

    I was pretty excited when I pulled it up but then noticed the pendant hole. could it be authentic?
  11. Could this be real? new pic of other side added

    Todays beach find, it looks like 8 reales, but it has a hole in it as if were worn as a pendant and it looks like its showing signs of flaking.
  12. printing plate

    I think thats what it is, another find from behind my house in Tewksbury. The writing is backwards so I rubbed it with a pencil and made out "New England And The Telephone" on top. It could of been used for telephone poles but I don't know. Mike
  13. Yikes!!!!

    TAMPA, Fla. - Deep-sea explorers said Friday they have mined what could be the richest shipwreck treasure in history, bringing home 17 tons of colonial-era silver and gold coins from an undisclosed site in the Atlantic Ocean. Estimated value: $500 million. A jet chartered by Tampa-based...
  14. behind my house in Tewksbury

    Another oddity from this sight. My guess is the base of a kerosene lamp. What do you think? The large hole in the middle is threaded. It's about 10 inches across.
  15. Japanese?

    This one is from my uncles WWII collection. The date should be right around that era but I'm not sure. Any ideas?
  16. Revere Beach find

    I pulled this from about 4 inches down In the black sand. It's in the shape of a bowl and is ribbed. It has the number 18 in the middle. It measures about 6 inches across. Any ideas would be appreciated. Mike
  17. My summer project (day 3) now were talking!!!

    My summer project (day 3) now we're talking!!! Today i went into the woods behind my house in Tewksbury Ma. Making my way around the swamp and through the thickets I came across a rusted out car. Don't know exactly what make but I will say it looks like the parts of a Bonnie and Clyde car. I...
  18. beach find new pics

    I got this on Revere beach on saturday. At first I thought it was a latch to a porthole but then noticed the neck of it was bent and the chisel end was blunt as if it were used for some type of engraving. It measures an inch in width.
  19. Behind my house in Tewksbury Ma.

    Has anyone ever seen something of this size? The land that it is on is protected. You can see the size of it by comparing it to the apartment complex to the left. Railroad tracks run right beside it and its right behind my house.
  20. Check out this google shot

    This is to weird!!!! About 30 miles up from Kingman Reef in the Pacific.