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  1. Cannot Post a Photo

    I have tried that method also and it doesn't work. Pretty frustrating
  2. Cannot Post a Photo

    I am taking pictures with my iPhone Sending those pictures to my email sized "medium" which works out to be 100k - 180K bytes. Open the email on my laptop and save the pictures into a folder. The pictures in the folder open for viewing fine with either Microsoft Photo or Irfan View. I follow the...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Brass Fitting for What?

    I'm thinking that it likely had to do with a water pump for the spring. Maybe the small holes had something to do with a filter cover for water pick up.
  4. How To Post Pictures With Your Post/Thread

    Thanks for the reply. I tried that and got an error message "parsing response failed" and would not upload. I find computer issues very frustrating.
  5. Cannot Post a Photo

    I have tried the Attach files and it says 100% then when I try and click Save a message pops up and says still downloading for 10 minutes. File size is 135K - is this too big? Also have tried inserting image button and that wont work either.... Any help?
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Brass Fitting for What?

    Searched around an old spring house foundation on a neighbor's farm today and dug up this brass fitting. At first I thought it was an old single bulb light fixture - same size and shape but after removing the dirt saw it was not. The small center diameter is threaded for about a half inch pipe...
  7. First hunt ever

  8. First hunt ever

    Good advice on all. I have already gotten a Garrett Carrot pin pointer. And using a mesh shell casing bag from clay shooting for my finds bag. Easy digging right now with moist spring soil.
  9. Florida beach gives up some silver jewelry

    Nice finds! I just came back from Ft Myers a week ago and wish I would have stayed a bit longer... But thankful for the break I did have from Ohio winter!
  10. First hunt ever

    I'm new to the hobby. My Equinox 800 was delivered this week and I spent a day familiarizing myself with the operations. Watched a video from Sod Busters Metal Detecting to get the basics down. Saturday was a beautiful day here in Ohio and the frost was out of the ground so I set out (in my...
  11. New from NE Ohio

    Thank you for showing me that! Still exploring the site and getting used to the layout.
  12. New from NE Ohio

    Good morning. I live in the Dover/New Philadelphia area of Tuscarawas County in Ohio. I have always been a local history buff and have decided to try doing some detecting. Been researching detectors and think I am going to get a Minelab Equinox 800 for my first detector. There are a lot of...