1. My finds from my recent trip to Vermont!

    Hello everyone, I recently went to Vermont, and went detecting, coin roll hunting and garage saling. I found my first ever half dollar, a 1944 Walking Liberty, and in the same hole was a 1947 Rosie. Found some great stuff at the bank as well. Thanks for looking!
  2. New to the Hobby

    I just got my new Fisher F2 and I am loving it. I have already found about 50 cents in clad and a hotwheels car. Not valuable but fun to dig. I have been detecting around an old baseball field and also a picnic area at my church. Any suggestions on where to dig? :dontknow:I want silver!
  3. treasure hunt with Fisher F2 and Whites Coinmaster metal detector

  4. Old Token and Some Coins

    I'm very new to metal detecting and just did my first beach yesterday. It was a small swimming pond that had been dug to build an interstate. I didn't think it was too old but found a dateless buffalo nickel and a 5 peso mexican coin from 1980 which was weird because I live in a northeastern...
  5. ✅ SOLVED What in the world is this?

    I don't know if this is a coin or a token in the first photo, you can see the back in the third photograph. The item in the fourth and fifth photo, I have no idea what it may be from. If you have any info on any of the items I sure would appreciate it! Thanks! Cindy