colorado gold

  1. How to find Gold Ore, It all starts with a Hole in the Ground!

    Reopening a rich historic gold mine. This is one of many shafts that we are working on. This is my personal Rags to Riches tale of what it takes to find that Motherlode Gold! We're still working on the riches part ;) How would you deal with that huge slab that is ready to fall in the shaft...
  2. Guys asked for some dirt, so here it is!

    Today we dive deep into the bowels of the earth and pull out some virgin lode gold vein material to process. These hardrock veins are the motherlode gold source of placer deposits nearby. Some prospectors asked for lode material to process at home so here it is
  3. Let's Crush Ore! (part 3) MOTHERLODE GOLD Prospecting, it's getting exciting!

    🍂Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Gold Diggers! May you and your families stay happy and healthy! I am thankful for my family, my extended gold family and for the freedoms I have that allow me to pursue my passions and dreams in life! Thank You for your continued support! We did it! Struck Gold...
  4. Exploring the Right Flank of the Mine and sampling the VEIN!

    Hey guys, this is part 2. where I explore the right flank of the mine all the way in and take multiple samples from the vein. This mine is shaping up to be a really good candidate for stoping, pushing forward or starting a new level. Pretty darn exiting!
  5. Heading down into a new Gold Mine

    Hey guys, I'm starting a new little series on this mine. We will document the exploration, sampling and gold production, should be pretty interesting! Check it out if you would like. Please join us on the adventure.
  6. Durango dirt

    Woohoo, So the girlfriend went to Durango CO for a wedding (a friends lol ), what a beautiful place I can see by getting her photos. I asked her while she was there to grab me a some dirt and I even provided a bag.. LoL Little did I know that she would actually do it and I can imagine the...
  7. Lode Gold Mining Intro

    We head back into the mine to do some Lode Gold Mining! Up in the stope, we encounter a rich gold ore lens alongside a dike intrusion. Chiseling into the gold quartz vein is slow going but we end up with some rich ore samples for Jesse to analyze. This isn't just a gold deposit, the vein also...
  8. Dredge Power Jet Repairs

    Hey guys. I blew out the power jet and though some of you might like to see how I dealt with it. Found some gold too. Happy Prospecting
  9. Prospecting for Gold - Finding Rich Gold Deposits to Dredge!

    Hope you're all staying sane out there during these difficult times. If you need something interesting to watch, Let's go prospecting!
  10. Gold Veins Arrowheads and Prospecting for GOLD!

    Hey guys. Prospecting might be the best thing to do in these uncertain and germ-y times! Fresh Air, no crowds and GOLD! Let's go Prospecting:3barsgold: Today we're in Southern Colorado. I show and explain some of the key features I look for while out finding gold veins and arrowheads. I'm...
  11. A Golden Cure for Cabin Fever!

    Hey guys, as cabin fever really starts to set in, let this video take you back to the Good Golden Days! It took a few hundred hours of prospecting but I finally found the paystreak! Just 2 weeks after this dredge trip we had ice on the water. We are still currently buried by around 3ft of...
  12. Southern Colorado Treasure Stories

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site but have been an avid history buff since I was a kid. The past couple years I have been getting into reading about lost treasures, and especially enjoy Terry Carter's Youtube Channel. I am from Pueblo, Colorado and would like to hear any lost treasure or...
  13. I use this placer mining to get under HUGE Boulders!

    Some prospectors have asked about what blaster I use. In certain situations, this can have excellent results. This is a video I compiled at a county workshop. Have you guys used one? Do you like it? Cheers
  14. Gold Prospecting Challenge Accepted!

    This was actually pretty interesting and fun to try. Do you think you could pan for gold blindfolded? Depending on your skill level, it may be easier or more difficult than you might think. Give it a go, it can be entertaining.
  15. Living The Dream! The dream is GOLD Baby!

    :usflag:Gold Bless America:usflag:! I'm pretty proud of this movie guys! I hope you enjoy it too! We ended up meeting the Army Soldiers that flew overhead, made for a pretty inspiring day! Flipping those big ole boulder sure was fun! It was rock mitigation work for "safety" purposes ;)...
  16. Loaded Fine Gold, Panning in Colorado

    The 49ers panning thread inspired me. The old timers sure got to work some good virgin ground back in the 1800's! I venture out modern day sampling for GOLD just like the old-timers did, with a gold pan! We find some pretty sweet fine gold! This is considered good modern day panning ground...
  17. 3 Nuggets Detected in Colorado, We each found a Nugget!

    Hey guys. Thought you might enjoy this video from this past weekend! We both found gold! Colorado is known as a fine gold state and detecting any gold here is quite the challenge. The joy on her face just makes me smile every time! Hope you enjoy. Heavy pans and clunkers in yer scoops! D
  18. In Search of the Lost Hobo Mine, Mine exploration Colorado

    Thought you guys might enjoy this trek into an old abandoned mine here in Colorado. Chest deep snow and a harrowing descent into the old abandoned mine shaft! Is this the squatters fabled gold mine!? The story goes; "There is a long haired scruffy fellow, living in an abandoned gold mine here...