1833 SNY Tongue and Wreath... Yea or Nay?


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Apr 20, 2021
Central Virginia
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Currently Deus XP, also have 2 Minelab Explorer XS as backups.
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Relic Hunting
I was at a gun show today in Richmond Va., and someone selling his personal gun collection had a few relics on the table. I saw this buckle and, despite my mantra to never buy relics, I made a low offer which he accepted. I think he just wanted to clear the table and get out of there. I am very, very familiar with reproductions, fantasy pieces, and actual dug relics, and I also know that Hanover Brass makes a good copy of this; this one looks legit to me. Patina, weight, and size all look good. My biggest concern is the file marks on the back, but originals have those as well. I figured I would see what you guys think before I go bragging IRL lol. Your thoughts?


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