1907 Indian Head Cent, Mahlon Bryan & Co button, and wheaties from a 2021 permission


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Jan 27, 2015
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Hi everyone. During the cold dark winter I was thinking about locations from 2021 that I should revisit, places I found a lot of great things but then stopped detecting for whatever reason.

Last April I visited an old house in the old part of our town quite a few times, and posted about it on multiple occasions (links below). Found my first Flying Eagle Cent there and gold wedding band that the property owner - I'll call her "Mrs. T" - let me keep.
But as the weather got warmer I got worried about hurting Mrs T's grass so I stopped visiting.
This house was at the top of my "I need to return there" locations, so yesterday I headed down there even though the temperature was hovering around 30 degrees.

The finds weren't spectacular but they proved that this location still has some good stuff buried there and being lost to time/weather/construction etc., and they're calling to me to save them!

I also wanted to post this because I searched Treasurenet for another "Mahlon Bryan & Co." .button but apparently the words "mahlon bryan" do not appear anywhere on TNet - until this post. The button itself probably isn't that rare but I like when I can add something original to TNet. It's from a Philadelphia taylor that had advertisements back in 1875 (example included).

The 1907 Indian Head Cent is a new year for me, which is cool, and it's in great shape.
So are all the wheat pennies I found: 1917 (2), 1919 (2), 1923, 1929. Frankly I'm embarrassed I missed them all in 2021, although they are close to an area with a lot of EMI that was troubling my Equinox. I think my skills in 2022 are better than they were a year ago.

The larger items on the white paper plate (including a Tootsie Toy firetruck) are from an area I really didn't search in 2021, and they made it clear that I need to keep searching as those were just the super obvious targets to pull.

Anyway, the best part of all this is that my success yesterday confirmed to me that it's definitely worth returning to places that have been good to me in the past.
I'm looking forward to visiting Mrs. T's house more often in 2022!
- Brian

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Oct 25, 2020
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Cool stuff, congrats!

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