1920 House and a shootout??


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May 11, 2012
Northern Indiana
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Hi all. I'm new here and have been reading a lot and learning a lot from all of you. I recently purchased a property in DeKalb County, Indiana that has a house on it that was built in 1920. I took a break from renovations on the property and took my MD out to see what I might find. The dang thing goes off EVERYWHERE! I swear, you can't walk 5 feet without it beeping! Now, being the first time on this property, I was in ALL METAL mode looking for just about anything. The odd thing is, no matter where I dig, I find spent rounds of ammo from just about any gun you can think of!!! Front yard, back yard, side yard...doesn't matter, I'm finding 9mm, .222, .22, .40 SW, .32....you name it, I'm finding spent rounds all over! What the heck went on here??? Did this place used to be a sporting club? Did one of the past owners have a heckuva fight with the neighbors? All I know is if any of you want to come over and dig up some old spent cartridges, come on over! I have plenty!


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Aug 10, 2009
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You might find some silver there but it may take a while to clean out those casings first, I would just start in the front yard first as usually thats the best place to find those old coins. HH


Jan 28, 2013
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you are not far from me,I am in FT Wayne


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Dec 27, 2012
lower hudson valley, N.Y.
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Well, if you hunted part of my yard you would probably find 5,000 .22 casings. I have target practiced there for forty years and often with friends. I'm also a muzzle loader shooter and in the woods back of my house there are probably over a thousand old bullets, some from original antique molds, and some fired from original old Colts and CW muskets. Probably looks like a battle site in the ground back there !!


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Jul 19, 2012
Fort Wayne
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if you are in fort wayne area you should join the local club. Im on the north side of fort wayne and hunt shoaff park quite often. Hit me up if you want to join some time.

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