2011, My first year.


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Apr 20, 2011
Not too far from a beach
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All Treasure Hunting
This year was full of surprises for me. I've really enjoyed this new hobby. Metal detecting Miami elsewhere than the beaches is probably kind of perverse,
but I found exploring the city interesting. Here are what I think were my more interesting finds.


These are all silver items. All the rings, except the smallest one; the hoop earrings; ; the vermeil bracelet; the Chi Rho charm - are marked sterling or 925.
The vintage "button" earring, the Christ pendant, the hash pipe, the garnet hippie eye thing, and the small ring are unmarked, but all of those tested sterling with acid.
The little gold earring is actually a broken piece, 18k.
The stud is Zc and silver.
the finger rosary is gold-washed. the little fish is heavy plated.
The dark object is an 1890 Indian Head penny. Absolutely never thought I'd find one of those in Miami! Actually I found it the 1st week of 2012, sorry.
I confess I also found the Sacred Heart Jesus New Years day and the Micky mouse charm a day later. I didn't want to leave them out for a whole 'nother year.


All the silver dimes I dug up this year. That Barber dime was totally unexpected!


Rollfast bicycle badge. It's a collectible, and sold on ebay $7.00.

Odd bronze dagger dug up in Brickell area of miami. Sold on eBay $58.


bronze ladle handle or haft for tool or weapon, not sure, Brickell


What you see here is about 5 hours work back in October, searching and digging in Metro Miami Fl. (Sold all my brass and copper for the year for $30.)


Another collectible bicycle badge sold on eBay, $6.71


Feng Shui type item, sold on Etsy $6.73

Yet another collectible bicycle badge sold on eBay, and other finds from a 3 week period, I think in September. I also sold the Bronze finger rosary on Etsy, $7.80, it was issued by the Vatican department that once had charge of the Inquisition.


4 English 1 pound coins found at a basketball court, gave them to my sister going to London


Collectible sprinkler, patented 1910, sold on Etsy $28.44, found in Miami


Chinese coin from park, lost it when we moved.


1920's silver-plated Marmon auto hubcap


Marine SS shackle sold on eBay $4.74


My first collectible find, Smoky Bear ring, sold on eBay, $7.06.

Also, 2 Buffalo nickels!
22 rolls copper Memorial cents, and 156 wheaties.
Roll hunting and just asking the gals at the bank what they had in the drawer, i found 7 silver Kennedies, 3 of them 90%, and 3 Rosies and one Liberty half.

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Apr 12, 2007
Menasha WI.
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AT Max, Mine lab se pro/ Teknetics 7500 / teknetics 8000 / fisher m-scope (aquanut) 1280x/2ea compass relic magnum 6 /compass yukon 77b (professional) /compass yukon 71b
I like your finds!! You came up with a lot of good items, hope 2012 is a great year for you!

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Dec 4, 2008
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Minelab Safari, Garrett pro pointer, bounty hunter 202 with a 10in magnum coil, Automax pinpointer,
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All Treasure Hunting
nice pile of stuff for the year!!!!!! MR TUFF


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Jan 30, 2008
NorthWest Ohio
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Minelab E-Trac, Equinox 600, and Tesorso compadre
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All Treasure Hunting
excellent finds! Love that 1st silver pile!


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May 3, 2014
Wise, VA
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Fisher F2
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All Treasure Hunting
I also dug up one of these Smokey rings at a local schoolyard here in Wise, VA. Unfortunately it is missing the actual ring, but Smokey is in great shape! It's always neat to see people digging up the same stuff 13 hours away! Really great finds!


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