7*9 coil on V6, thoughts?


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Mar 19, 2017
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i saw some videos of blisstool v6 with this coil, anyone know more about how this detector operates in general and in sites with mild to medium iron? how well does it discriminate? 7*9 coil vs 11'' or how the v6 responds in different ground conditions for deeper relics/coins? i was looking at open field type vlf detector mainly for iron problems and that still gets great depth. Was reading about nox , deus, and now this bliss v6, saw that the bliss was on sale at kellyco before but why not anymore?


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Oct 17, 2014
Trenton, Mi.
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(2) Minelab E-Tracs, Minelab Equinox 800, Teknetics G2+ LTD, Blisstool LTC64X V6 3 coil pkg, (2) Deteknix X-PinPointers, Garrett Pro-Pointer, Fisher F-Pulse PinPointer
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Blisstool V6 opinion

:sunny:I have a Blisstool V6 with all three coils, that includes the 7 x 9 inch coil. I had an XP Deus and personally hated it, dug way too much iron with it, sorry just my opinion. I also have a "too new" Equinox 800 to give any advice on it.
I also have/use an Etrac and a Teknetics G2+. that said... the Blisstool, in my opinion, is a great open field with mild to moderate iron detector. That's what I use it for most but it takes time to learn. Once you begin to understand it, it is so much easier and quicker than almost any other machine I've used once you have it set-up. No screen, quick reactivity, set-up-ability allowing you to discriminate unwanted targets. This is not proof of anything, but this guy I know had a CTX 3030 a few months old and we were hunting open fields... he would dig large plugs and loose the target once he flipped the plug to open the hole. He'd be scanning the plug, then the whole, then the plug again trying to figure out where he should start looking for the target. Seeing this, more than a few times I'd walk over to him with my 15" coil equipped Blisstool V6 and show him exactly where the target was. I hate to admit, but it was pretty empowering using my knob and switch riddled detector with no LCD screen to help out the guy with the technology laden machine find his targets. So, my opinion is this... the Blisstool V6 is a wonderful machine, with a myriad of settings that allow fine tuning to the type of hunting you want to do, the 7x9 inch coil is great in more trashy areas, the 11 inch coil is a great all around coil and the 15" coil a tremendous open field coil if configured correctly. The problem it has, is that it's intimidating initially and you have to resist the urge to put the "Gain" too high. The Gain adjustment is from 0-10 and I rarely, rarely go higher than 2 and still find deep targets 8 to 10 inches and much deeper depending on the size of the target. I'm not the most patient guy myself, but on the scalding hot Summer days, it's a relief to use my Blisstool V6 because of it's simplicity. One last thing, you mention KellyCo... I believe they were selling the V3 and not the V6... and they were just selling off their old stock to be done with it. The Teknetics G2+ is no slouch in iron laden sites either, although not nearly as deep seeking as the Blisstool V6. Whatever you decide, best of luck,
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Feb 4, 2014
Sault St. Marie , Ontario Canada
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A smaller coil is always going to be better in iron. Regardless of the machine. If you can find a concentric coil that will be even better. I don't run a V6 I have an old V3 that I only break out for fun once in a while or as a backup. It's just not a good machine for sites with a heavy target concentration in my opinion. Too little information, although if I run in disc mode 2 and only dig targets with a clean tone in two directions that don't sound off in a length of about 1.5 coils in any direction(small halo) it will usually do a good job of only locking onto decent coin sized targets with little junk in my pouch. Of course I'll miss a lot of good stuff but it's decent at sniffing out the obvious stuff.

When I do use it, I like to bring a few various coins to a site with me just to set my gain and other settings up so that I can hit targets at the depth I want while still running in that higher disc mode, just to be safe. It won't be the deepest in that mode but it's ok. I'm not sure how the V6 settings compare to the V3.

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